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  1. 2008 Lexus 460L Executive model, stopped blowing cold air suddenly earlier today. For the past week or so, it seemed like the car will get warm when not in motion say at a traffic light even when the AC was set to 65 deg but when in motion the AC would seem okay. Called my routine mechanic he said it may be a leak or an electrical problem. Any insights on this. Another thing I noticed for a few minutes just before the AC went out, the transmission seemed a little jerky and lagging, as in I pushed the accelerator but the car wouldn't respond. Not sure if there is a connection, but any insight is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I have a Lexus LS460L Executive model, been having some start-up hesitation last two days. This morning it wont start, the AAA battery service guy came and quickly found out that one of the battery terminal had a overwhelming acid corrosion so much that the terminal itself has been eaten away. Question: is it not mandatory or a norm for the Dealership to check the battery and terminal during each oil service? I always get the oil service done at the dealership and even got the new battery with them exactly three years ago.... so I am wondering if the dealership missed their responsibility? It seems like they never looked at it in three years resulting in terminal being completely eaten away. Any pointer may help.
  3. Thanks JH. Will pass on this info to the dealer folks... hopefully they'll know what to do.
  4. Hello, I have somewhat of a sticky issue that I am hoping I can get some insight into. Back in 2010 I bought a 2008 LS460L with executive package, a CPO with 27K miles on it. It worked just fabulously until I started hearing what sounded like water fall behind the front dash, it mostly happens when I accelerate from a full stop or from a slow down and subsequent right turn (yes kind of weird). The first time I took it to the dealer was in March 2012, the local dealer heard the sound, kept the car for 7days and 100 miles later they said they changed the water pump. I started noticing many issues right after this supposed repair was done, as follows: (a) Coming out of a right turn (notice I keep mentioning right turns, it is sort of whacky as it does not do the same on left turns) it feels like that the engine will accelerate but the car does not seem to be move in unison but will lag behind it. Many times I can hear the engine revving but not so much as moving equally fast. (B) I feel jerkiness in the car’s movements coming out of a full stop, accelerating on a uphill road, and just in general – not smooth at all. © A few times the car actually shuddered while going uphill at about 35 – 45 miles per hour speed, and twice I have smelt something burning under the hood. (d) I can still hear the water fall intermittently, it is starting to be more frequent and again it will happen most often after a cold start in the morning, then intermittently. Many times you can actually hear a soft water trickle behind the dash while the car is stopped say at a stop light. The real water fall as in a gush of water can be heard occasionally when accelerating from a stop or slow down. The tough part is that two times I have taken it in to the dealer, the car refuses to do it – murphy’s law and real spooky. Now the dealer is starting to think that I am delusional and they refuse to do anything about it. (e) The performance on the car isn’t what it used to be at slow city stop and drive speeds – the issue is not noticeable at high speeds. I know it is behaving a lot differently after the so called water pump repair, in terms that it is choppy and jerky. The dealer says there aren’t any error codes showing up in their diagnostics. It seems like the water fall problem was never resolved by the water pump replacement, the performance on the car is come to an unacceptable point for me personally, the dealer thinks otherwise. Any insight on this is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Welcome to the Lexus forums NetLexus :)