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  1. I would start by going to a good parts store and get a good cleaner and see what that does. Modern cars are computers with complex metal parts, and tight tolerances. Are you up on your maintance ? do you use a good synthetic oil ?
  2. A good tier 3 fuel ( tier 3 is one with a high level of cleaner) works well If Old gas gums up and engine so I try to get gas at places that sell a heck of a lot of it and hopefully is one of the oil company's stations. I try to go with a busy exxon station or a BP. The best deal is Costco, their gas is great. Stay away from Sams club gas. If a fuel is dark and smells a little like used motor oil it will mess up your modern engine.
  3. I am going to start a crap storm on this one. All oils are not created equal, what you put in it makes a bit of difference on how long you can go. I have a degree in motors and have used amsoil for 20+ years. I get 200k - 400k out of each car. the computer defaults to complaining about oil changes every 5k miles
  4. You also can call around some of the southern salvage yards for one that is not so bad. was it rust or too much flexing ?
  5. Easy peasy this is all over youtube Get Mothers Mag wheel polish from walmart and a microfiber rag. This will clean it up pretty good. Next at walmart you will find headlight wax. That reduces the amount of damage in the future. You will need to do the process a couple times a year. there are about 30 other solutions out there on youtube.