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2007 RX350 - Water Pump, Rack & Pinion replacement


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Hello All,

I took my 2007 RX350 to a local Lexus dealer's service station in Plano, TX for an oil change and the mileage on it is around 102500. Service rep suggested a 100K mileage service for a cost of $300 and I agreed. However, their technician is suggesting me to replace "Water Pump Assembly" and "Steering Rack and Pinion" and provided me an estimate of $2700 ($1K for pump, $1.7K for the rack). I felt like it is very expensive repair and I did not go for the replacement. Reasons given to me for the replacement was that the pump is "starting to seep" and the Rack and Pinion is "leaking front both sides". However, I do not see any fluids being leaked on my garage floor and I do not notice any difference in the way I feel my steering wheel. Is it a reasonable estimate for those parts and what are the best alternative repair locations? Thanks much for your suggestions.

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I would always recommend a second opinion and in the case of the steering, it is not worth taking chances with leaking fluid.

But I'm sure the job could be done cheaper elsewhere .... worth a second quote!


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Water pumps always weep a small amount around the main pump bearing weep hole as they get older and unless you are visibly low on coolant AND smell coolant after running it at highway speeds (where a leaking water pump would mist the exhaust from the passing high speed air) you are not at risk.  Also bad water pumps will make squealing noises months before they fail.

What bothers me more is that they are mentioning doing the water pump without mentioning replacing the timing belt and pulleys (timing belt service kit).

You need to remove the timing belt to get to the water pump.  No competent person would change out one without doing the other (both) at the same service.

Look up timing belt kits on Amazon for your car.  They include the belt and a new water pump.

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Good catch Trevor!  All the components in a timing belt kit are necessary, don't be cheap on things like the tensioners and pulleys people, used ones are just asking for a failure/screaming pulley bearings coming from your engine if you don't replace everything while you are in there.

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