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  1. Hi Zieke, sorry that you had to go through that trouble. Would you share some details with me on how you were able to get Lexus pay for the part? I greatly appreciate your help. Thank you
  2. I have about 107K miles on my 2007 RX350. My local mechanic person showed me leaks on both ends from rack and pinion and suggesting me to replace. Any suggestions on the manufacturers and part numbers? Thanks.
  3. A local mechanic replaced my original brake pads and rotors on my 2007 RX350 about three months ago. I have been noticing lot of rust lately on the rotor surfaces especially on the area where there is no contact with the brake pad. Please see the attached picture of passenger side rear rotor. When I reported this to the mechanic shop they are saying that it is normal to see the surface rust on rotors. Is it really normal. I never noticed rust on the original rotors which I had them for almost 7 years. When I said that I am not happy the way the rotors look then the mechanic is offering to install new rotors for free of labor charge if I can bring my own rotors from elsewhere. I would like to get your thoughts on these rusty rotors, is it common to get the surface rusty. It costed me around $500 to replace the brakes and rotors on all four wheels. Thanks for your responses.
  4. Hello All, I took my 2007 RX350 to a local Lexus dealer's service station in Plano, TX for an oil change and the mileage on it is around 102500. Service rep suggested a 100K mileage service for a cost of $300 and I agreed. However, their technician is suggesting me to replace "Water Pump Assembly" and "Steering Rack and Pinion" and provided me an estimate of $2700 ($1K for pump, $1.7K for the rack). I felt like it is very expensive repair and I did not go for the replacement. Reasons given to me for the replacement was that the pump is "starting to seep" and the Rack and Pinion is "leaking front both sides". However, I do not see any fluids being leaked on my garage floor and I do not notice any difference in the way I feel my steering wheel. Is it a reasonable estimate for those parts and what are the best alternative repair locations? Thanks much for your suggestions.
  5. I ended up towing my car to a Lexus dealer and thee fixed it it in two days. All they did was replace all six coils and it fixed the issue.
  6. Thank you for your suggestions. Based on what I heard from the Toyota service consultant it seems that their master technician is not putting enough time to work on my car because he is also working on their scheduled recall appointments. I will to Lexus service center tomorrow first and make a decision whether or not to tow my car to them.
  7. Unfortunately, my car went out of warranty already and I have about 90K miles on my car. I am wondering if I should get me car towed from Florida to a Lexus dealer in Texas.
  8. Hello All, My last christmas road trip went horrible. My 2007 RX350 suddenly started decelerating while I was driving on a bridge in Pensacola, Florida. I was driving at around 45MPH on the bridge when this happened. Engine stopped running while the car was still moving and all the warning lights on the display panel turned on. I have managed to pull the over my car to the curb and called my GEICO roadside assistance. It was dark coupled with dense fog and very low visibility. My car was towed to a nearest Toyota Service station next morning on 12/26/2015 (Saturday, day after Christmas). Toyota's technician spent around three hours on my car and came back saying that spark plug coils went bad and then replaced all 4 of the rear coils. But the car still didn't work, the engine starts and dies immediately and all the warning lights turned on. They spent another hour or so and came back to me saying that they couldn't figure out the problem and asked me to leave the car with them to be looked at on following Monday. I left the car at the service station, rented a car and drove home which is 700 miles away in Texas. Toyota's technicians are still not able to diagnose the issue with my car as of today 01/07/2016. Yesterday, I got a message from Toyota service station saying that their master technician spoke to a Lexus technician to seek help but they are still inconclusive and do not know the issue with my car. I bought this car certified pre-owned in 2010 from a Lexus dealer. I am writing this post to find out if anyone dealt with similar problem. I appreciate greatly any help and suggestions. Thank you, Srinivas