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Bluetooth, 2008 ES 350


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Does anybody know what phones are Bluetooth compatible with the 2008 Lexus ES 350 non-navigational radio. My old Motorola razor 3 will pair no problem I hear that the Bluetooth version of the car is very early version I think 1.0 version. Has anybody heard that the dealer can flash the computer to upgrade to newer Bluetooth versions?. I think most new phones are only going  Backward compatible to  1.5 version Bluetooth .. I think the iPhone six will work but "I'm really looking for a flip phone that is compatible". Thank you in advance to anybody who has any information for me

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If your cell phone service provider uses GSM (e.g. AT&T, T-Mobile), you should be able to "try before you buy" a new handset by inserting your SIM card in a phone before you try it.  If your Motorola razor 3 uses an old style mini-SIM you might have to convert to a micro-SIM which is what most current GSM phones use.

Flip phones are rare these days.  Maybe consider moving to a modern smart phone.

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