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  1. Shawn, It looks like I will need to swap out my radio as well to get compatibiity with the VaisTech option. The Vais Tech Technician was very helpful and advised that my 2004 radio won't allow for direct connect, so to speak. Did you replace your 2002 radio with a OEM 2007 Lexus SC430 radio? If so, do you still have a p/n so I can try to find it. Lexus dealer is really not much help. I did contact Lexus on their 800 number and found out that the 2010 version is not an option. Thanks for insight.
  2. ChuckSC430, I have sent an email to Eugene. Thank you. Can you tell me does the SAT so section show up on your GPS/Nav screen? Or is it a sep box? Thanks again.
  3. Shawn, would you please post a picture of what it looks like? Thanks. D
  4. I have a 2004 SC430 and would really like to have Sirius radio, without adding extra stuff to my dashboard. I notice that the 2010 SC430 had a SAT/NAV radio. It looks like if you removed the Nav/radio/CD/tape player on the 2004 you might be able to replace with the 2010 "stuff". Has anyone done this before? Is it plug and play? Any suggestions ? I would like to keep the clean look, and really do not need a tape player....