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  1. I don't have the part number specific for the one which I used as a replacement, but here's a site. Use the search criteria for 2006, then 2007, then 2008, then 2009. Make sure that the part number doesn't change across those years. But any of those models (2006-2009) should be an easy swap. Yes, 2010 will not work. Also keep an eye out for used radios on Craigslist and Ebay. You can do a national Craigslist search and maybe find something. There's a website called "search tempest" (or something similar) that lets you search all craigslist across North America.
  2. sorry, I'm a little busy this month preparing for board exams. I won't have time to supply photos but check out their individual websites for the products and the 2007 radio looks almost exactly like the 2002 radio but with different labels on the buttons.
  3. Please check out companies such as VaisTech and Grom Audio. They offer a few different options that allow you to keep the OEM radio. I swapped my 2002 radio for a 2007 radio so I could have more options. I currently use GROM Audio (with future HD radio unit), but have a stand alone Sirius Stratus 7 Player which gives me XM channels. I previously had the VaisTech SL3U for Aux Input. Check out their websites and see what's available for your car.
  4. ShawnOklahoma

    Sc 430 Speakers

    What year is your SC? Yes, I want to keep my factory head unit as I like the aesthetics of the interior. There are two companies that make SiriusXM products and HD Radio products for the SC430 (depends on the year): GROM Audio and VaisTech. What I've chosen to do in my 2002 is to buy an OEM radio from a 2007. It's plug and play. Then I bought the GROM unit and am in the process of using it as the "hub" for Aux input (for my media player and HD radio stand alone tune), and then using my Sirius XM Stratus tuner for XM. The GROM also has ipod/android bluetooth remote control from the steering wheel, as well as hard wire USB charging/USB Disc use. I found this other company which looks very similar to the GROM but have yet to try it out. If you're up for it, check it out and let us know how it works. For $50 and Amazon guarantee with free return, worth the chance (btw if you go this route, 2001-2009 use the 7+5 adapter, and 2010 has the 6+6 adapter b'c you will need an additional Y cable). Just something to keep in mind.
  5. ShawnOklahoma

    Master Cylinder

    Yeah, I've heard they can get well into $1k for new. Some private mechanics can build them, and I believe there are a few eBay services that offer rebuilding Master Cylinders. Something to look into before dropping that much money.
  6. ShawnOklahoma

    Check Engine Light Help

    Make sure your gap cap is tight. If no change, read here...
  7. ShawnOklahoma

    Sc 430 Trunk Release

    Hold the eject button for about 5 seconds and this will eject all CDs left in the tray. If this doesn't work many people report two things. One that if they "smack" the side of the radio it will realign the jammed tray to help eject the CD. The next involves taking out the entire radio and shaking it. If those two paths doesn't release the tray, then you will require opening the actual radio unit to remove the jammed tray.
  8. ShawnOklahoma

    Need shocks

    I am looking at going with coilovers. My top choices at this moment are Megan Racing or BC. Lots of info on the internet about coilovers. Both are 32 way adjustable so I can adjust the height and the ride stiffness. Might be something to consider.
  9. ShawnOklahoma

    TWO SC430 Part Outs (2002, 2003)

    Sorry, I no longer have access to these vehicles and can't supply the requested parts. Good luck.
  10. ShawnOklahoma

    TWO SC430 Part Outs (2002, 2003)

    No sorry I do not. Actually, the man I was representing who had the two vehicles has not responded to my messages in about 6 months so I guess this thread it closed. As for the part you're requesting. Do you want the upper part of the center console or the lower (larger) part? If you are looking for the lower portion, it is one complete piece that runs from the dashboard, along the side of the radio, to the rear seat.
  11. ShawnOklahoma

    Led Converstion

    Fog Bulb is H3. There are common LED replacement bulbs for the fog light but their performance is weak when compared to halogen. I have yet to find a true LED that will create a forced beam of light as halogen bulbs are designed. LEDs cause a greater dispersion of light and therefore aren't the greatest for certain applications (ie. fog, high beam, etc). HID might be a better option for the fogs. I've started looking into them, but nothing concrete yet.
  12. ShawnOklahoma

    Check Engine Light Help

    What I recommend, is to disconnect the battery from the positive and negative terminals for about 15 minutes (Additionally, you will lose your radio presets). Then reconnect. If the light returns, then yes take it to the dealer/or autozone/autoparts store to have the code read. Then please report back with the code, and if it is again the O2 sensor code, you can have it changed it any mechanic. Lexus will greatly overcharge. Hope to hear from you soon to help further.
  13. ShawnOklahoma

    Run Flat Tires

    On the tires, I would recommend having them inspected at any big chain tire shop and then replace the tires that they recommend. Personally, I moved away from runflats to improve the ride and moved up to 20" to improve the looks. If you're dead set on 18" and runflats, I would recommend staying with the OEM Bridgestone Potenza Runflats. As for your bluteooth question, check out a company called VaisTech that sells the SL3U. This will give you a dedicated Aux Input. I then added a Bluetooth dongle with track and volume control. Another option that is new to the market is a bluetooth cassette adapter. Pretty neat. Most complicated is installing an entire new headunit. This was my build. Very invasive but hopefully simple to understand, especially if you only want bluetooth. Bluetooth Tape Adapter- not sure if this allows track control from the steering wheel/headunit. If you go this route with the adapter, please update us with your review and results.
  14. ShawnOklahoma


    There are three hidden screws. One behind the chrome handle plate (behind the loose black curved plastic) and another under the window switch plate (at an angle), and another at an upward angle above the door storage pouch (at an angle). You must remove all these or else the panel will not come off without damage. All other screws are around the periphery of the panel (3 bottom screws, 2 plastic push in front of panel, striker sensor plate, and rubber stopper). You should also probably drop the window. Once all screws are removed, then you can pull the bottom of the panel away from the door and lift straight upward. There will be a few wire harnesses and the "locking mechansim wires" on steel balls. DO NOT BREAK THESE OR THEIR ATTACHMENTS to the back of the door handle! To completely remove the panel , you will have to disconnect these. Youtube is your friend...
  15. Take in the clips to Autozone or OReilly. If not either of those, any Lexus or Toyota dealership will have them. Usually, if you're nice Lexus and Toyota won't charge your for one or two.