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    • By Lamp
      I have a 2004 SC430 and would really like to have Sirius radio, without adding extra stuff to my dashboard.  I notice that the 2010 SC430 had a SAT/NAV radio.  It looks like if you removed the Nav/radio/CD/tape player on the 2004 you might be able to replace with the 2010 "stuff".  Has anyone done this before?  Is it plug and play?  Any suggestions ?  I would like to keep the clean look, and really do not need a tape player.... 
    • By Paul M
      I have a Lexus ES 300h and an iPhone 6.  Bluetooth was working appropriately.  Intermittently outgoing calls would transmit but would not be heard via the Lexus speaker system but could be heard on the iPhone speaker or handset.  Incoming calls worked fine.  My dealer deleted the bluetooth settings on both iPhone and Car but the problem would still reappear intermittently.  The same problem existed when another iPhone/Android would be connected to the system, so Tech Support concluded the problem was not the phone.  They replaced the radio since the chip for bluetooth was a non-replaceable component of the radio motherboard.  The bluetooth functioned correctly for 1 1/2 days and the intermittent problem reappeared.  The car is going back into service.  Has anyone had a similar problem and what was the fix?
    • By AZCactus
      I have purchased a 2006 GX470 six months ago and am trying to link my phone with Bluetooth, however I do not see it on the "settings" menu.
      When you start it I do get a message "Bluetooth Connection Failed:.
      Can anyone please suggest a solution please.
    • By ridgwayk
      I know this is a long shot, but is there any out of the box solution to allow music to be played with minimal changes to the existing radio so music could be played from a USB thumb drive...I don't see a USB port and there's apparently no way to play music via BT.
      I have taken the car to the stereo shop and I have a cable that plays a very old version of iPod via AUX port...Was hoping to do something more simple with a USB if possible.
    • By hitcher
      Does anybody know what phones are Bluetooth compatible with the 2008 Lexus ES 350 non-navigational radio. My old Motorola razor 3 will pair no problem I hear that the Bluetooth version of the car is very early version I think 1.0 version. Has anybody heard that the dealer can flash the computer to upgrade to newer Bluetooth versions?. I think most new phones are only going  Backward compatible to  1.5 version Bluetooth .. I think the iPhone six will work but "I'm really looking for a flip phone that is compatible". Thank you in advance to anybody who has any information for me