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Help! My 2011 Is250C Broken Into Passenger Window Replacement

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Hello Everyone,

I'm new here but need some help.

My 2011 IS250c was broken into last night on the passenger side window.

All the repair shops and dealerships were closed today. But I did get a couple quotes from some call centers of the national repair companies on OEE Windows.

My first question is does any one know the cost of the OEM window & is it imperative I get it replaced with OEM?

Secondly is there anyone in the Atlanta area that knows a reputable company that won't charge me more then my deductible? I really don't want to pay $500, as I just had to have my kitchen faucet replaced from going out Friday.

Lastly, the rubber piece is hanging from my top piece(the rubber where the window is sealed when it goes up. When I tried to push it in myself I was unable to. Is this something that is fixable or will the entire rubber section need to be replaced?

Thank you for all answers in advance. I'm praying and hoping I can have it fixed tomorrow as it is suppose to rain tomorrow and I can't put it in my garage.

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Hi Angel B and welcome to the Club.

My first thought is to check your coverage on your auto insurance and your home owners policy, as well as any rental insurance. Yes, unfortunately, when you drive an expensive car they are also expensive to repair.!!

Other members have used other brands of replacement glass but have had issues with waves in the glass and ill fitting. Another item is that by using the OEM product, the tint in the glass will match the other windows. One more thing. Lexus uses a material to reduce wind noise and help keep the cabin quiet.

Back to the insurance. Insurance is so expensive that many people choose a large deductible and there by missing out on these type of repairs. However, call your agent and ask if there is coverage for these situations when the damage was caused by a criminal act.

I know I'm rambling but other members will probably chime in and offer more suggestions. Please come back and let us know how things are going.


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There are many online places that will replace it the same day, some within an hour and they come to you. Call any area glass company that does auto glass and most come to you. Safelight is one of the biggest and they do all the insurance stuff.

Welcome to the club.

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