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Have an GX470 that has been a trusted companion for 8 years with 190k. Has worked for my wife and three kids. Was hoping to get the last 18 months of use until my last kid went to college, but the rear air suspension system is totally gone and the dealer quoted me $5,200. Dealer came back and offered a “kit” that would convert to a standard suspension that would be $2,200, but the car still has another $2-3k of other repairs to get it back to “normal”. I put Almost $1,500 into the air conditioning system a few years ago and promised that would be the last major investment. I was surprised that the blue book value still says the car is work $10k. Should I repair and sell, donate or just call it a day and sell it for scrap? Not sure if I could sell it in its current state. It’s an “extra” car and no longer needed, but sucking up too much time and resources. Any recommendations or thoughts about next steps? Thanks

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This is a common issue. If you’re handy I suggest a diy. The kits to convert them to struts in the rear are coming down in price but if a bag blew you can easily fix it for hundreds not thousands. The pump too. Besides, if it is an extra car you can always diy it over the course of several weekends. If not take it from the dealer and let some mechanic with a reasonable labor rate have at fixing it. I think your pricing there is way off unless at the stealership. They are great vehicles and definitely hold they’re value. Scrap on it would be 500-600 max? Hell im in TN and I’d come get it and fix it for that price man.

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