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Buyer Beware Autoplicity And Cycleplicity. Don't Buy From Them. Po


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I usually use RockAuto for my parts because I can find out before what it costs me for shipping and when it will arrive. And they are always earlier than they estimate. So good customer service. Unfortunately, this time they don't carry the kit I need. I look around who else has good prices. CarID and Autoplicity through Amazon. Must be good if coming through Amazon?

140 Tuesday afternoon, I order DAYCO WP298K1AS waterpump and timing belt kit. Might as well get two radiator hoses and valve cover gaskets from Hector. He tells me shipping is free since the order is over $200. Wanted to have it arrive on Thursday. so I pay the extra $27 for 2nd day UPS Air. I repeat the credit card information and confirm with Hector 3X. Total billl is $300+

Get an email at 5pm EST from Sikander Hussain that there is a problem with the credit card number.

1741: I call Hector, he doesn't understand why there is a problem but says he has fixed it. "You guarantee that this is going to get to me Thursday morning, right? Oh yes sir, no problem, I guarantee it!"

Me: Please send me a confirmation email with a tracking number, and "you don't mind if I call you tomorrow Hector to make sure that the product is shipped?" "Oh, no sir, if there is a problem I will get in touch with you right away!"

Wednesday: No transaction number? 1030. Finally receive email confirmation of order, no tracking information. Order says "3 - 5 days GROUND." Aaaargh. Wt! After I specifically requested and paid for 2nd day air.

I call Hector, Joel Montejo, both voicemails do not allow you to leave a voicemail. I speak with Dewey, (tech support) and David - another salesperson who apparently can't help me with Hector's order.

1034: I finally reach Hector and he will get back to me in a few minutes with the resolution to getting it to me via next day air to arrive on Thursday?

I write an email to Joel Montejo, cc to Hector that I am frustrated that the order is not arriving on Thursday. I also request my $27 for expedited shipping be refunded.

Get an email at 1751 that the order has been shipped. "3 to 5 business days" arrival expected on Monday. Shipping charges are still on there.

Wednesday: 1900 I write emails to Sean McWherter - founder and CEO. He's in California. He is on Facebook touting all the new cars he is driving and showing off. Great? How about paying attention to providing good customer service?

Thursday 17:00 get an email from Joel Montiejo, sorry. We will refund your shipping. [You better have!]

Never heard from Sean, Joel, Hector or the other founder...... they takes your money and runs....

I should have ordered it anywhere but Autoplicity.

It should be called DUplicity. That's probably what they meant to call it from the beginning!

Friday: 18:30 Waterpump kit arrives via UPS. Shipped from Maryland.

Monday the following week: 1830 The hoses and valve cover gaskets arrive

No communications from Autoplicity

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