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Nav Radio - Control Panel Illumination


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got big problem.

Got US RX300 with radio without navigation (blue display).

I bought second hand radio form same generation RX300 from EU/UK (right hand drive).

Radio has been changed and everything is working but one thing.

Buttons on radio (audio, air con, etc.) are not illuminated.

When I turn on lights all buttons should lit up (everything else still lit up as it used to) but not those buttons/controls.

I believe all LED's/blubs are ok. It looks like there is one wire missing somewhere... Unfortunately I do not see a wire responsible for this function on any diagrams I have (radio/air con/navi/etc.).

Does anyone have any idea where I might find and info how radio unit is lit up???

Please help!



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Hi Galtom,

You seem to be advanced in electronics, but still - did you check all the fuses?

Re buttons on the replacement radio (audio, air con, etc.) which are not illuminated -- when you press on these buttons on the radio, do they actually perform the functions (audio, air con, etc.)? Or are these functions performed via your original buttons (audio, air con, etc.) located elsewhere and not on the radio?

Did you buy the radio unit "new" and from an official dealer or any chance that the unit might have been defective when you bought it?

Do you get any codes from computer diagnostics?

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Yes, they did work, but there was no additional lighting (like for night driving).

It is all sorted now. Simply Lexus/Toyota did not think it makes sense to put all cables/wires on radio/audio system schematics (although they are physically there) and few wires are show on illumination schematics. Separate from radio/sat - nav.

Funny thing though - While connecting unit, outside temp. was show in C (as it is in Europe and UK), but now it went back to F :-(.

No idea where to find how to change it back (if possible) to C degrees.

Inside temp. was in F all the time as well as mpg - II was hoping for l/km as is standard for fuel economy read in Europe.

If anyone has a clue if this can be changed/how - please let me know.

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OK, how did you resolve it? I guess the F to C / MPG to LKM problem is in how you connect the wires (well, from the start, it's with the ECU - but in your case it's probably about connectors). Anything for you to look up there?

Did you try "setup" > "vehicle", and then change temperature/units settings on the "nav" menu? (I had GX470 and LX570, so I guess similar settings on your NAV screen)?

Going to bed now, see you tomorrow

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How did I resolve what?

F to C or imperial to metric is not resolved and my radio does not give me any option to change it.

In regard of general connection and illumination of unit one has to have all electric schematics.

And it is not as you say "how you connect the wires" as they can only be (according to schematics) connected in one, exact way.

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