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  1. Rx 300 Trailer Wiring

    OK, so I know this topic is old (like me & my car), but is there any chance anyone knows the part number or where I can get the 10 pin male plug that would fit into the Trailer harness socket, sure I could tin wire (if my hands didn't shake much - alcohol or age?) but I'd prefer to get a plug and wire it up and then plug it in. Before anyone says "Google it" I have for about 3 hours last night and I had nightmares of drowning in electrical sockets. Great site, grovel, grovel. Hey, question, if the brake light warning is on but they both work, is it the brake light on the window? - that doesn't seem to come on when I put a 10lb barbell on it.
  2. Why Did You First Come To Lexus Owners Club ?

    Looking for a nice SUV to retire with - within a budget. Thought I was looking at a old Mercury Tribute - bad eyesight I guess. But it was a 2002 Lexus RX300 - nicest car Ive owned since my Metro Vanden Plas (Im a Brit) and that was a long time ago. Ive just had it for 5 weeks - thank goodness it really was 2 careful owners. It is a fantastic car, sometimes I just sit in it, on the driveway. And why this site, you've got some guys who really know their stuff and seem friendly and polite. The maintenance details are good.