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  1. Hi All, I got (in Europe) US 2003 1st gen Rx300. About a year ago i have managed to change stereo from us (no navi) to UK version (with navi) and all was fine (bit os soldering was needed as plugs on both radios are different. However now my radio sometimes has no sound for few hours/days and after that plays fine for few hours/days. When I loose audio, under sound control I am missing MID range control and although i can see Bass/Treble + Left/Right & Front/Back controls they don't work - no level visible. From what I understand it is an amplifier issue. I already got a new -second hand - one, but from UK market. Now, I can not find info what is the difference between: 86100-48050 - US version and 86100-48040 UK version Also, (before I get to my amplifier) would any of you have pictures of sockets/plugs in US amplifier? I could make sure my plugs will fit into UK amplifier before I unscrew everything. Thanks! I attached pictures of UK amplifier
  2. Hi, sorry for late reply - missed notification. Thanks a lot - that will do!
  3. Hi Guys, does anyone of you here has a PDF with service manual for RX 300? I am servicing my car in Poland - not at dealership and such information would be very helpful, so that my mechanic knows in more details what to do and how some actions are performed. Can you help?
  4. That is how it is by default. But it takes about 1 min for them to switch off. I do not see a point since i live block if flats. It takes toll on battery and bulbs themselves (not cheap either). But the problem i solved now. Local lexus dealer changed how it works. Now, as soon as i open drivers doors they shut off. A lot more sensible in my situation. Thanks for input!
  5. Hi, in my 1gen RX300 ('03) there is automatic light function. I have read in the users manual, that time after which they turn off can be adjusted - visit your local Lexus dealer. I would like to change this time to minimum or (better yet) make them turn off with the ignition - I do not need "coming home" function at all. Does any one here knows how to change it? It is probably some combination of ignition, door opening/shutting, etc. or has a service manual where such info can be found?
  6. How did I resolve what? F to C or imperial to metric is not resolved and my radio does not give me any option to change it. In regard of general connection and illumination of unit one has to have all electric schematics. And it is not as you say "how you connect the wires" as they can only be (according to schematics) connected in one, exact way.
  7. Yes, they did work, but there was no additional lighting (like for night driving). It is all sorted now. Simply Lexus/Toyota did not think it makes sense to put all cables/wires on radio/audio system schematics (although they are physically there) and few wires are show on illumination schematics. Separate from radio/sat - nav. Funny thing though - While connecting unit, outside temp. was show in C (as it is in Europe and UK), but now it went back to F :-(. No idea where to find how to change it back (if possible) to C degrees. Inside temp. was in F all the time as well as mpg - II was hoping for l/km as is standard for fuel economy read in Europe. If anyone has a clue if this can be changed/how - please let me know.
  8. Hi, got big problem. Got US RX300 with radio without navigation (blue display). I bought second hand radio form same generation RX300 from EU/UK (right hand drive). Radio has been changed and everything is working but one thing. Buttons on radio (audio, air con, etc.) are not illuminated. When I turn on lights all buttons should lit up (everything else still lit up as it used to) but not those buttons/controls. I believe all LED's/blubs are ok. It looks like there is one wire missing somewhere... Unfortunately I do not see a wire responsible for this function on any diagrams I have (radio/air con/navi/etc.). Does anyone have any idea where I might find and info how radio unit is lit up??? Please help! regards, galtom
  9. I urgently need wring diagrams for US radio (no sat nav) and/or European one with satn nav. Got most of it but I am still missing schematics/wiring for multi display *they are different o both units) and instrument control panel. Can anyone help? galtom[at] - THANKS!
  10. What front differential (look up)? Do you mean central diff? And what synthetic would you use instead of 80W90? ....and your opinion is based on what? Why is not Lexus recommending synthetic oil?
  11. This is exactly what has just been done. With one exception - we (my friend was doing the whole thing) did not replace transmission filter this time. However I have to use services of a garage now and I want to make sure they will do this thing right. So... now I have to be asking for change of oil in central and rear diff, not front one (as I was)? :-)
  12. Ok.. let me make sure I get this right :-) Transfer case is the thing that puts front wheels in motion? If I just had transmission oil changed, that means also oil in transfer box is new. They both use ATM transmission oil - Toyota T-IV. Now differential in the centre (that uses 80W90 oil) - this one is responsible for transfer of power between axles and this is the one I want to change oil in - not front differential as it is existing in RX300. And on the rear axle we have rear differential (same 80w90 oil) that transfers power to rear wheels. Is this correct?
  13. Can someone clear that up? I got 2003 (1st gen) US RX300. In regard on differential oil change I have been advised following: Polish Lexus dealer: Oil SAE 80W90 changed every 30kkm (approx: 18.600 miles) Lexus US at Facebook: The differential fluid should be inspected every 24 months and changed if dirty with Genuine Toyota T-IV Fluid Lexus NY dealer: 80-90 gear oil and you change it every 3 years or 30,000 miles which ever one comes first. You (on the top):The front differential shares the tranny fluid...The front transfer case uses gear oil as well as the rear differential... And this link: states: Rear differential is shown in the picture below, takes officially 85W90 gear fluid [...] This is the transfer case. Also uses 75W90 gear oil. Can someone clear this up, please?
  14. Hi, I wrote to Lexus dealership in my city (south of Poland) about front & rear differential and oil exchange, This is info I got: 1. What specs oil for front and rear? answer: SAE80W90 for both 2. How often should I change it? answer: Every 30000 km = approx. 18500 miles Can you confirm this info is correct? Would any one of you be kind enough (if you are not 110% sure) to ask your dealer about it? Also... If I would give you my VIN no, would anyone be able to confirm (via dealership) if I got limited slip diff in the rear or not? Thanks in advance for your help! Regards, G.
  15. Yes, serious. Translation of short forms can be tricky :-). Google tranny and see where you got one on your car (go for images it will be easier to find!) ;-)
  16. I was looking for some info about engine oil change and found this: "Other services: Diff fluid every 15k tranny fluid change 30k .. (TYPE iV) must be done at Toyota or Lexus . only place to buy that special fluid .. Dexeron 3 will ruin your tranny. air filter (every other oil change ) cabin filter 15k fuel filter 10k ( not mentioned in the owners manual but I always do it) Lexus likes to change all the fluids every 15k but I don't .. your choice as it is your $$ .. " What is tranny?
  17. I was looking for some info about what type of 4x4 is in my Rx300. I found following info: RX300sold with front wheel drive or full-time all wheel drive. Viscous coupling locking center differential, normally 50/50 torque distribution and up to 95% either axle when slipping occurs. Rear limited slip is optional. No low gearing. How do I find out if I have limited slip in the rear... and how do I use it (if I have), hod does it work? Regards, galtom
  18. Hi, Thanks for confirmation. With the layout - separate display that integrates radio and climate control from actual radio and controls - there is no way to replace it with anything. However I am not sure if you understand what I want to do. Form the prices on ebay or my local Polish auction sites it does not look that expensive.. problem is labour and if it will work. I do want to replace non nav unit with nav unit BUT!!!! (this is the catch ;-) ), without navigation/gps unit itself. Radio with display from such unit (second hand) can be bought in Poland / EU for about $100 - $150 so it is not that bad. But second complication is (I am not sure how this would work if I would replace US radio with US nav radio unit - in the first place), that I want to replace US unit with European one... I am afraid this all is way to complex :-( However if you can find video you mentioned - I would be very grateful!!!!
  19. Hi, reason for this is very simple - I have not seen a double din radio that I could fit there. Also I do not know that it is even possible since radio is integrated with climate controls :-( So, even I if would find radio that would fit - some nice 2 din set with display there is still an issue of temperature, control of aircon and top display :-( Unless you know for the fact that it can be easily sorted (and how). Currently it looks much easier to buy second hand unit like on picture 2 (display + radio) and replace it with existing one (pic 1) if all plugs and socket are compatible (that I doubt :-( ) and can work without GPS unit (normally in the boot) plugged in.
  20. Hi, perhaps you will be able to help me find an answer to my problem. I got 1st gen RX300 with stereo (without sat nav) looking like this: I would like to replace display and radio itself with this model: Is this doable and how difficult? Fist I would like to get model (as shown on the second picture) from UK. This way (if it can be easily replaced) I would get European radio frequencies and display showing me temperature in Celsius. But before I go to ebay to get this new unit I want to make sure it will work. My second problem is, that I just want to replace radio and display but I do not plan to buy and plug sat-nav. I have a great Lumia phone with proper sat-nav and I do not need extra one in car. Do you have any knowledge on the issue. I believe in US there were to versions (with cassette and one with sat-nav) as well. Do you know anyone who replaced one for the other? Or perhaps you are friends with someone at Lexus dealership and your friend could check if plugs and sockets are compatible on both models? I will appreciate any feedback you may have on this! regards, galtom