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First, do you have TRAC control? It came with the heated seats package on the earlier years. If you do, then there is a button for it and an indicator on the instrument panel telling you it's off.

For burn outs, the best setup is:

1. Turn off overdrive.

2. Set ETC to power.

3. Turn off TRAC control.

See your owners manual for button and indicator locations.

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A good turbo A/T shouldn't really burn out, unless your using a itty bitty turbo that spools quickly and dosen't make much power past 3k, lol...

Funny that you would want to burn out at all...

Ohh, and there is a secret, hold down on the brakes and floor it. Your front brakes hold alot more than the rear...

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as far as i know it has nothing to do with traction control, as skperformance said.. what it does it switch to next gear on higher rpm rather then in normal mode.. thats all, that allows your car to be a bit faster then in regular mode.. eats a little bit more gas though.. and another thing when you gun it it also reacts better/faster then if it were in normal mode..

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Cool thanks, thats what it seemed like to me too, and it definately doesn't have anything to do with traction control cuz there's a traction control on/off button like 4 inches away from the ETC button. My mom's toyota has an etc button and it doesn't have traction control at all.

I also heard something about the ETC button increasing the voltage to the fuel pump, but i don't know if it's true or not.

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