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Great New Products From Meguiars!

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Just wanted to post my findings after trying two new products from Meguiars.

1. NXT Tech Wax is Meguiars new consumer line of polymer sealant. It has some light cleaners and is quite good at temporarily hiding and filling scratches and swirls. Really a great and easy to use product that gives the novice detailer a much better one step result than anything else out there.

2. NXT Tech Protectant is from the NXT line and is their new tire/rubber dressing. It is also a great product, dries quick with a matte shine.

You can get the whole NXT line at any auto store.

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This is a detail I recently did for a customer, its a 1996 Mazda 626 with 155,000 miles. It was in HORRENDUS condition. I mean really really bad. I did the following:

1. Wash

2. Clay

3. Meguiars DACP polish with cutting pad and PC

4. Meguiars NXT Tech Wax with PC and finishing pad.

Now usually you'd probably need another step in between the DACP and any final wax or sealant, but with NXT it wasn't neccisary as its basically two steps in one (best one step product I've ever used).

Here are some pics.









Now obviously the bulk of the transformation was the claying, the polishing and the plain grunt work of scrubbing out the wheel wells etc, but the NXT really helped to bring out the last bit of life this paint had left...

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Not really, its an entirely new formulation. Its a really unique product and unlike anything I've used before, I think you'll like it.

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They're really quite different. The optics and appearance are far better than Collinite. Collinite's main claim to fame is its durability. NXT is better compared to Poorboys EX.

Collinite is a carnuaba wax while NXT is a full polymer with no carnuaba.

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Steve, great job! I envy your driveway... can't seem to get past the snow season here :)

do to the bad weather, I never did detail my car... should I still go with the meg. swirl/meg. polish/collinite 476 ? or should I incorperate the NXT product. (black paint) Thanks!

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Can anyone help me here. I'm attaching an e-mail I sent to Zaino Bros. Can anyone tell me if they agree with their recommendation or not? I'm a bit afraid of an abrasive product. I want this paint to last for a long time and look great.


Dear Zaino Brothers,


> I just purchased a 1999 Lexus RX 300. Although the car is in fairly good shape, I can tell that the car was not detailed often. Unfortunately, after washing, I can tell that the paint is thin, and the deep gloss that once was certainly there is now gone. Once the paint has diminished, to what extent can it be brought back? Can I get back that thick gloss that I'm sure it once had? What route could get it back (clay? polishing? waxing? And in what order?).

Answer: Zaino is non abrasive and will not remove oxidation... or bring back dull paint...

Oxidation needs to be removed with an abrasive product...

like 3M Foam Polishing Pad Glaze Swirl Mark Remover #39009

see following tips...

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Sal's right. Look around the forum and get some ideas about how to best remove oxidation.

The NXT is a protectant while the COlor X is a cleaner ;)

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Nice Job SWO,

That car was a mess. At first I thought it was a Volvo, as they are ususally the dirtiest cars on the road, but it appeared long term neglected. beautiful save of what was left.


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Oh no, Gold Class is an entirely different product. I've used Gold Class and there are no similarities. NXT is an all new formulation that is really unlike anything Meguiars has come out with previously. I believe its $14...

Its not the best product for someone who is into detailing and does all the prepwork, but it can't be beat as a one step product.

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Excelent job, there

by the way how in the world did u get the wheel wells so clean, i tryed sparying degreaser, like 5 times, in there to get itnice and clean but no luck, i then tried to spary armorall inside to hide it but you still can see all the junk, so what was thesteps, is there removal of the tire involved. :(

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