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  1. 2000 lx470 On cold starts it sometimes starts and then dies, will not hold idol, need to pump gas hard a few times before in clears up and holds idol. Recently acted up on the road, had to floor it just to maintain 25MPH, VSC light and engine light came on, turned off truck pulled battery for 60 sec and turn back on and the truck ran fine. toyota dealer wants 600 for throttle sensor or they can try to clean it with spray first.... anyone run into this, are they on the right track to repair the problem? THanks!!! Joe
  2. Hi Guys, I think my truck in having the starter problem you mentioned. It happens on from time to time and I have managed to get it started with a few key turns. THey need to remove the intake to replace a starter?? why, and what can I expect to pay for the service please. Thanks!! (2000 w/75k)
  3. Posted a few weeks ago about taking our truck to toyota for the 60k tune-up. We ended up going with them and saved about $600. The problem, the suspension is now always hard and even if I adjust the control to smooth it does not respond. It seems to be locked in firm/sport mode. Any suggestion? After all the talk of wrong fluids, I worry that maybe we should have stayed with Lexus service. Thanks!!
  4. my wife did the same thing, but we had a new light put in ($400) and refinished the front bumper. $2,400.00 from private local body shop
  5. I have a 2000 with 61K miles. North-east, it's been as cold as 3 degrees in the past two weeks. I always start the truck and let it idle for at least 1 minute to get the oil flowing before I put it in drive. No noise is my vote
  6. Is this the problem with the exhaust manifold crack? Theory being that the heat expands the manifold and closes the crack after it warms up. They should have a recall since it seems to happen alot or at least cover it under the drivetrain warranty. I have a very faint tick and it goes away after 2-3 min. No where near the sound of a diesel.
  7. The timing belt is replaced at 90k on most cars I think. Got a quote from Toyota, 1/3 the price of Lexus. They said that they ofter service Lexus vehicles. I told them to make a special note about the hieght susp. and the fluid they use. He said that they use same fluids and most are private labeled "Lexus". One big question, does this effect my warranty? I only have the drivetrain warranty left.
  8. Thanks everyone, just getting around to checking back in on this. I have a 2000- LX470, for the record. I am considering Toyota and wonder if anyone has directly gone that route versus Lexus. Do you think I should try to negotiate a better price from lexus service?
  9. I am do to go in for my 60K tune-up. Cost is $1,300. What do I get for this and is it worth my while to spend the $$$. I also asked about auto-start and they want $400. how do my prices for the above compare, are they average? Thanks!
  10. Good for you for taking the time to was your truck. My wife takes no interest in cleaning our vehicles. You should stay away from brushes... Use sheep wool mit. As for the top, you can use a plastic stool made by rubbermaid or other. It should give you just enough hieght to reach the top and still be stable and low so as not to scratch the truck. Good thing it's not an lx470 :-) Enjoy!
  11. I agree, a nice smelling product goes a long way in making the job more enjoyable. Hat's off to Meg's and Collinite (sp) wax for going the extra mile with their product. As for the leather, lexol always leaves a leather/mink oil smell after use. As a last resort, there are leather scented candles that can be placed under the seat (a previous suggestion I read on this baord).
  12. I finally detailed my old BMW yesterday... this was the first time I used specified steps: clay/scratch/polish/wax. In the past, I did not know any better. Anyway, results are fantastic. The finish looks as deep and rich as day one on this 14 year old car. Thanks for the the tips for the record, I used: megs clay megs #9 megs #86? polish collinite wax and megs hot shot on wheels and trim. I now have a ton of MF towels that need washing. what can I do? is it ok to wash the towels that have dash protect on them as well? will the wax stick to the washing machine basket? THA
  13. I use meg's hot shot, works good, nice shine and smell too.
  14. I have used woolite carpet cleaner. You spray it on and it turns into foam, then you wipe off with a large damp spunge. Have a warm bucket of water near by to rinse. Worked great for me.
  15. Sorry, I have no Idea, that has never happened to us. Hope you get some other member suggestions. It does happen on my land cruiser that has auto start. I often jump in and forget to turn the key and it shuts off if I touch the brake/gas/shifter as a theft safety. Good luck!
  16. Will they be able to match and have it look like new? Do you think they need to overspray since the damage is on the fender only?(fender will need replacing for sure) I plan on taking it to lexus..should I consider local body shops? thanks for any advise, we love the truck and hope that it is not blemished for life.
  17. guys, is the new colorX a replacement for meg.#9 swirl remover... sorry to keep asking about the same product.
  18. My black car has little chips around the front of the car that show up as thousands of white specs. Is this good for that and can I get more details on the product please. Thanks!
  19. :o blake, you brought that car back to new ...looks fantastic!!
  20. Thanks for the input guys. 99, thanks I will look for the 98+, about the link? also, to fall in my price it will have 100k+ on it I'm sure. Blake, we have had a landcrusier for ten years and added an lx470 six months ago.... love it. I like sedans thus the 735i. It's getting old and dated now so I am starting to get the itch. I love the 740i but they scar me, I may be wrong my 735 did not turn out as bad as I excepted for the past 3 years. Thanks again -Joe
  21. blake, seeing pictures of your car over on the detailing board is what got me thinking... it looks great in black, I would have never guessed at 225k. I love my BMW but I think the Lexus is a better value with less headachesa and more advancements for the model year.
  22. I wonder if you can offer any advise on the ls400. I would like to get a 95 or sooner. Are there any problems with a specific year? It will most likely have 90k miles or so, anything that I should look for other than the timing belt. Thanks! Joe
  23. I love my lx470 .... good luck with yours!! There is lot's of good reading here... I will not offer any advise since I am also a newbie to this. try a search on my first post: "lots of general questions" Some basic products for me: meg. clay bar meg# 9 swirl remover - walmart collinite 476 wax -web order microfiber towels - I use them for interior/dry exterior/ remove wax -costco waterblade - walmart wool mit - walmart lexol leather conditioner - horse shop or local hardware store If your leather is dirty you may want to read a post on magic eraser with 6-1 woolite.
  24. Ok Steve, since I have yet to fully detail my car and you have added more info to learn. should this then be the steps: wash / clay / meg #9 swirl / meg#7 polish / some sort of polymer / then top with coll 476 ? :chairshot:
  25. Hi guys, I finally had a chance to use the collinite 476 double coat! Our 470 had not been waxed all winter and I had a chance to wash and wax this weekend. I applied the collinite and my wife followed with a microfiber.... anyway, I love this product! it did a great job on black, looks deep and has a glass smooth finish. The stuff even smells good. It went on and came off easy and did not leave a lot of white wax all over the truck.
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