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  1. are they still avail for sale, if so im interested too, could you post some pics or email thanks
  2. hahaha, okay you persuaded me to have a change of thought, i guess its not a good idea, then, hahaha, thanks for the info.
  3. wow, 4-5 grand, and true about install, i guess ill hold of on it then but i dont think it will be hard for the wires, i dunno, ill look around if i can get it cheep and if i do ill work on the install, i dont think it will be that hard,
  4. Excelent job, there by the way how in the world did u get the wheel wells so clean, i tryed sparying degreaser, like 5 times, in there to get itnice and clean but no luck, i then tried to spary armorall inside to hide it but you still can see all the junk, so what was thesteps, is there removal of the tire involved. :(
  5. okay i have the Namamichi sound sys, sounds good and all, but i wanted to get the Navi installed, i looked around for after market ones, but didnt like the feel, and that it covers up the whole console, so i wanted to get a OEM navi system, so do you guys know where to get one without selling my car to get one, :D
  6. hey, whasts up, long time no chat, u sure it was 2500, for tuneup, because i have alot of miles on mine almost reaching 3 digits, so i wanted to get the service, done, i dunno what i need but that sounds toooooooo, high, for a tune up, how didu get it down to 400, did u tell them to no do certain things,
  7. okay iwanted to take my car to the dealer to get the service done, its after warranty so, i wanted to know what they do, as far as parts, visual inspections, etc... i know there is a thing in the back of the owners manual but is there anything else like the 30mi 60mi 90mi 105 mi etc....
  8. is that nessesary when chaning the filter to K&N , because i already changed it and did not reset the ECU so if its better then ill do it too.
  9. okay, whats the difference L tuned looks like its a lexus/toyota/trd sponsored product and L sportline looks like its, a seperate company, is this true, how is L sportline compared to l tuned, as far as parts, costs, products, etc.....
  10. okay dont listen to the instructions on the bottle. they are worthless, do these instructions, i did mine and left it for about 5hrs before i used it , if you need to use your car in a shorter time frame, i left the car on for 30 min with the heater on 80 and the top and foot vents were open to get the hot air flowing, i also cracked the sun roof open to circulate the are, as well as the rear windows, it helped alot, so take my advice its a great product, jsut follow these insructions.
  11. good point, thanks, so the OEM lip spoiler is only offerd at the dealer???, or is there any where else that sells OEM lip spoiler, if the dealer is the only one , then ill just hold off on it then, thanks
  12. something else as in a different spoiler or diferent place that sells spoilers??
  13. good idea guys, thanks, i was just curious about replica parts for the car, i mostly bought OEM parts for the cars that i mod. so if replicas are okay then its all gravy with me, thanks again,
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