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Getting Down To The Wire Here, Guys.


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Well LOC, Its time for another go-round. This time, I cannot say where (other than to a major US Conflict), I cannot say when, all I can give you is a time period. Approximately 1 year, and I will be leaving sometime in the next 20 days. For some reason the Army is keeping this deployment very hush-hush. While I have some of the details, I cannot divulge them to anyone, not even my immediate family, under threat of Court-Martial proceedings and charges of Treason (for those who don't know, that charge carries with it the possibility of the death penalty). Reason for this is because it keeps your soldier's safe. So sometime in the next 20 days, you will see me simply disappear from the forums for what is hopefully a short time. Once I arrive and get settled in, I will be able to divulge (at the very least) a country/region I am located in, and an APO Mailing Address for those who want it.

I hope you understand the vague nature of this post and can respect my lack of details. Once I "disappear", I will talk to y'all in a few weeks. .

And FWIW, the secrecy surrounding this deployment, has me EXTREMELY worried about what I might be facing in the next year...My 2 other tours were nowhere near as shrouded in secrecy as this one.

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God Speed and be with you brother. I hope you know how much I and my family appreciate you and your effort. This country owes you and others like you all the support we can muster. So, no matter where you go, we will be waiting here for your speedy return. And let your wife know that she can come on here and give us updates once in awhile if you can't get to a computer.

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Good luck Josh....Funny (not really) how servicemen are threatened with such, when our load mouth politicians blow off secrets all the time, and they still get to keep their job and draw that lifetime retirement...

But really, watch your back, and I will pray for you...we are behind you 100%...Look forward to your safe return and future postings...

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