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  1. Man I know how you feel. That is about the same way I felt too. That is exactly why I purchased the Porsche. I told my wife I wasn't getting rid of one toy without getting another one.
  2. I had a 2004 Screamin Eagle deuce. I had the bike for almost 9 years but just honestly wasn't riding it at all. I've always had a motorcycle and I imagine I will get another one some day.
  3. Hi everyone...just wanted to say hi! Been a long time since I have posted. I have been doing some car swapping lately. So I figured I would drop in and update everyone. I got rid of my Harley last fall and purchased a 01 Porsche Boxster S with 17400 miles on it, got rid of my 2013 Range Rover and purchased a 2017 GMC Sierra Denali. And while I wasn't planning on it my wife's 15 GX was having a issue that service had attempted to fix multiple times and they couldn't get right so we swapped that out for a 17 GX Luxury. I hope everyone is doing well around the forums!
  4. Yea I have been MIA for awhile but came on here this morning and cleaned out about 16-20 post. Wow.
  5. So we traded the 10 gx460 in on a 15 gx460! Will get some pics on here soon! Went with nebula gray pearl! Cool color. Sorry I haven't posted in forever.
  6. Glad you are all ok. Cars can be replaced...but people can't.
  7. I'm thinking of buying the space suit so I can wear it to work!
  8. What ^^^ he said! Welcome to LOC!
  9. I have no idea about the 2nd row as I said I have never folded those. Kids car seats are there. No it is absolutely not a RX by any means. But to be honest I prefer the ride of the GX and wouldn't look at another car based SUV like the RX when it comes time to replace the GX after having one. I honestly think we will look at another GX.
  10. Well I have never folded the 2nd row seats up. But if you use the 3rd row seats...you have no storage. We have driven our GX460 from MD to FL and we are about to do it next week too. It is a comfortable ride and with two young kids and my wife and I packed for 9-10 days I have no complaints. It is about a 2400 mile trip that we have planned and I sure couldn't fit all of this in my Range Rover Sport! I love our GX460 and it has good storage and space but any car will get a little uncomfortable after that many miles IMHO.
  11. SW you always said you wanted to get a LS! Here you go and tug don't need to worry about racking up the miles on it either!!! :)
  12. Welcome to LOC! Not sure if I will be able to help with this one. Did you try searching for images of a engine diagram? Hopefully someone will chime in.
  13. Also another great place to look is salvage yards.
  14. Paul my files all are stored in the cloud... (offsite Paul :-) ) But honestly it was caught as soon as it happened but we had to contact the city to get the water shut off. In that 15 mins...what a mess. 1/3 of the building with 2 inches of standing water. No personal property was damaged as it was a bathroom, breakroom, and conference room. I want to take a minute to thank my insurance agent he has been great! :-) I met with the adjuster the next day and she has been super to deal with. The only problem I have had is with the restoration company...dragging their feet. If they had simply yanked out the sheetrock from the damaged areas and the carpet I could start making the repairs to this. But it is going on a week and they haven't made it here yet. Supposed to be here today. I have the contractors ready to go to make the repairs to the building but man just waiting kills me. This is what people get so mad about too. The call me complaining about this sort of thing when it has nothing to do at all with the insurance company. The insurance company is just writing the checks... The hard and frustrating part of the claim is dealing with getting everything dealt with and still trying to continue your normal life or business. I am actually handling this pretty well since patience is not my strong suit. But I have found some kind of inner peace lately that I am just not going to let this type of stuff bother me. I am frustrated but whatever... When I bought this office I had dumped a mess of money in here doing new paint, new carpet etc...etc.. and just sitting here looking at all of the stuff ruined is kind of a real bummer. But THIS IS WHAT I am in BUSINESS FOR. So it is WHAT IT IS. Thanks for asking! :-)
  15. Paul my friend if you knew what I was dealing with lately! I would be whacking a whole lot of people. Had a water line burst in one of my offices. At least 2 inches of water in at least 30% of the building. Glad I had good insurance! :) The Sopranos is one of my all time favorites. I have watched the whole series at least 4 times. So watch it Paul! :)
  16. The only thing I could think is the ballast is going up. Good luck and welcome to the club!
  17. Paul our x5 had been paid for quite some time when I bought the range rover. Man the new car scent was gone as soon as the first payment came! lol
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