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Can You Spot What's Different?

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Hey guys!

I finished a new project recently on my Rx400h and wanted to see if you could spot it! It's only a small exterior change, not really sure if anyone will notice the difference. :whistles: I took some Spring shots of the car, so try and see if you can find what's different- i'll give you a hint, it's "hybrid" related.

Enjoy the pictures and please comment! :)











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Yupp that's it! :) I modified the rear passenger side door moldings to fit the "HYBRID" emblems from the new CT200h.

The factory 07-08 Rx400h moldings only have the word "HYBRID" written in chrome lettering with the cars paint for a background, like this:


In order to match the blue accented emblems in the rear, i ordered a pair of door emblems from the new CT200h which look like this:


I found a Lexus dealer on eBay selling them for $32 EACH with free shipping. But in order to save shipping time i decided to order them from Lexus for $50 EACH thinking they'd arrive the following day- but NOPE! They took over a week to come in...

Here's the part number: 7547376010

And here's the link to them on ebay for only $32 each:

I found out that the CT Hybrid emblems weren't the perfect size to fit "into" the recessed rectangle on the Rx400h mouldings. The CT emblem is about 1cm wider and only 1mm taller than the recessed area. At first i was hoping i could simply put the emblem over it and hide that recessed area- but no such luck. I ended up having to dremel out a wider and taller rectangle in the moulding to fit the CT emblem.

Here's the area of the recessed rectangle i had to make larger to fit the CT emblem:


And here's the CT emblem with measurements:



I had to remove the mouldings from the door, which was actually pretty easy to do as they're only held onto the door by double sided tape. I just pried them off with a screwdriver starting at the side adjacent to the front doors.

After i modified the recessed areas in the mouldings, i sanded, primed, painted and cleared the mouldings using paint i got from my favorite body shop to match my color, smoky granite mica. I baked them in my oven for about 2 hours at 170 degrees and the paint was fully cured. I then wet-sanded and polished out some imperfections and bought some 3M double sided tape and added it to the perimeter of the mouldings just like they were originally, and attached them back onto the doors. I then added the CT emblems and presto!

Here are some more after pics! :)






I really like the subtle change, the blue background really catches your eye in person. You'd never know the Rx400h didn't come this way! B)

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As usual fantastic work, by the way the front emblem on the grill being solid, that supposedly decreases air flow according to Lexus...that is why they had a open emblem...

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As usual fantastic work, by the way the front emblem on the grill being solid, that supposedly decreases air flow according to Lexus...that is why they had a open emblem...

Yeah, i've thought about that, but i don't buy it. About 99.9% of the Rx400h's built have what they call the "towing prep package" which consists of a small transmission cooler (radiator) at the lower edge of the front bumper, which has its own grille.


I've heard it on here (not from Lexus though) that only the Rx400h's without the towing prep package (small percentage) have the solid blue accented emblem in the front. But what i don't understand is how the negligible area consumed by the solid emblem could affect the air flow to the transmission coolers as they're in a completely different spot. And the center radiator is the same whether it has the towing prep package or not, so it doesn't make sense to claim the Rx400h's with the towing prep package require more air flow where the emblem is located...

I don't believe it's the towing prep package that determines whether the front grille has the solid blue accented emblem, but rather the laser cruise control package. If you notice, all of the 08 Rx400h's that have the laser cruise control (also very small percentage) have the solid blue accented emblem. This makes more sense to me.




Per the Lexus parts website, "Vehicles with Laser Cruise Control are not applicable for hitch installation..." which explains the connection between the cruise control and the lack of towing prep package.

And here's the package details for the 2008 Rx400h:

"Dynamic Laser Cruise Control - $600

Cruise control with distance sensors; Requires: [HL] High Intensity Discharge Headlamps with Adaptive Front Lighting System; Or [PM] Premium Package; Or [PT] Premium Plus Package; Excludes: [TO] Towing Package"

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