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  1. Howdy and thanks for taking the time to respond. What I am actually replacing is the rubber strip that goes around the entire rear door 360 degrees. I have tried to pry it up and it is really snug but I will guess that it just takes more force to get started. I have asked a body man about it (but not shown it to him yet) and he has not replaced this on a Lexus.
  2. A loader at Costco accidentally damaged the rear molding on my 2007 RX 400h. I chose not to complain as he was an older gentleman and a very nice man. I got a great deal on a used molding on ebay and am now ready to install it. My questions is has anyone installed this molding on an RX vehicle and if so how is it removed? I hesitate to simply begin pulling on it as it seems to be very thoroughly installed. Thanks In advance for any help that I receive.
  3. I'm back to beg for more advice from you smart people. I now have the Curt wiring kit (actually 2 kits) and am ready to proceed with the trailer hitch installation. But the kits have wiring diagrams showing to pick up power at the battery which is ridiculous. Can anyone tell me where to pick up power/wiring in the rear of my 2007 RX400h? Or best if I had a Lexus wiring diagram if available?
  4. Thanks again. I ordered and in fact have already received the Curt package. As with their other products it looks great. I will report back later when I have it all installed and working. Great group.
  5. Thanks, I did see the Curt package. I just wondered if it was overkill. I intend to tow a 12 foot trailer with light loads.
  6. I bought a lovely Curt trailer hitch last week from for a great price of $126.58 and free shipping. It is very close in design and appearance to the now discontinued and overprices OEM hitch. Now I need to wire it in to accept my 4-wire flat connector trailer. I need recommendations on what to buy, preferably not from Lexus, to get the job done plus and advice on how to do the wiring and connect to my buggy. I do not have a towing package and my RX400h is front wheel drive. Thanks in advance for any helpful information.
  7. Sweet!!!!!! Thank you so much. Where do you find these diagrams? Tom
  8. Maybe I should ask a different question. Is there a diagram showing where the buzzer is located? Tom
  9. Thanks, that's a start. Although if I can't find the stupid buzzer I would prefer to just unplug it.
  10. I am sick of the rear door buzzer on my RX400h and just want to disable it (physically not electronically). Does anyone know where it is located? Tom
  11. Great find, lemon, I think that's it, but frightfully expensive. :cries: Thanks Tom
  12. Again I have failed to find a parts diagram for a Lexus part. Can anyone help please? Tom
  13. Thanks, gentlemen. I followed up with a Lexus service manager and got about the same information. He called the fuel filter more of a "strainer" which is never replaced other than along with a fuel pump failure. I still find a "strainer" odd since conventional fuel filters trap very fine particles to obviously avoid engine damage. If it ain't broke I won't fix it. Thanks again. Tom
  14. I've had several fuel pump failures on other vehicles in the past few years. In each case I also R&R'd the fuel filter at the same time, cut the old one open and found it to be filthy. Also a trusted mechanic has told me that dirty fuel filters can in fact cause fuel pump failures due to increased back pressure. That being said I can find no reference to a fuel filter on my RX400h. No replacement interval and no location or removal instructions. Can anyone shed some light on this? Tom
  15. Just a guess but you might try disconnecting the battery for 15 minutes. Tom
  16. Katzjamr, is that lady still available to rear end my car?
  17. I can't even get my service tech to return my calls about this recall. Are the parts available yet?
  18. Don't feel alone. I made the same hatch mistake a while back-grrrrrrrr. Tom
  19. I have been transporting some rather dirty things in my 2007 RX400h recently and am thinking about buying a WeatherTech cargo liner. But the $120 price seems high. Has anyone seen these discounted? Tom in AZ
  20. I have been transporting some rather dirty things in my 2007 RX400h recently and am thinking about buying a WeatherTech cargo liner. But the $120 price seems high. Has anyone seen these discounted? Tom in AZ
  21. CDULUK, are you perhaps available for adoption? Tom
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