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  1. Looked at the nav display and took a corner of a piece of acetate and sure enough, it will slide between the screen and the surrounding bezel..... so I cut a piece slightly bigger and slid that into place.... now I can't stand the clock display.... maybe tackle that this weekend....
  2. Got my blue acetate today, popped out the cluster cover and cut and installed, very pleased with the results....... Then I got a little more involved, pulled the radio, took it apart and slid in a piece infront of the display...... wasn't too difficult, just be careful setting the radio on the area around the shifter, I put a mark in my leather but think a day in the sun will pop the mark out.... I hope!!
  3. Where are you guys buying the acetate from and does it have a color name??
  4. I really didn't see anything different after performing the reset a couple months ago, but know now, for sure, it's not necessary.
  5. i thought it does not apply to 2007 and up ask a guru !!!!!!!!!!! Alot of controversy on the subject, so I posted my findings...
  6. My RX400h was manufactured 10/08, today, after a 15 minute drive, I hooked up the Lexus tester (Vetronix Mastertech 3100) as described in Lexus TSIB EG010-05, and followed the described ISC learning procedure.... The car was already warmed up and fully charged, so I turned the ignition to on, the ISC learning status showed "INCOMPL" on the Lexus Tester, as the instructions said it would, then turned the ignition to run, while the "INCOMPL" was being displayed, let the car start on its own, cycle off and when it did.... the display changed from INCOMPL to COMPLETE, just like the instruction in the SB said it would if it was done correctly..... Now for the test..... I disconnected the 12 volt engine compartment battery for 10 minutes, when I reconnected it and got inside, I turned the ignition to on and had to reset each window manually, the moonroof and rear door, and clock...... so once again turned on the Lexus tester and scrolled to the ISC Learning status page and when it came up, it showed as INCOMPL..... so I turned the ignition to run, after a few seconds, the engine started on its own,ran for about 2 minutes, then shut off, when the engine shut off, the status changed from INCOMPL to...... COMPLETE.... Drove the RX400 the same route and the MPG was nearly identical to before the battery was disconnected....
  7. lexuspartsnow.com I bought the original lexus cargo rubber mat and it is really nice, think it was 85.00 including shipping....
  8. The "Blue Lexus Logo" in the grill, ordered one from Lexus, PN is 75301-48030
  9. I like your Hybrid emblems on the rear doors..... :) Blue is good!!!
  10. Thanks!!!! The Day Mode switch is only there when the headlights are turned on.... I spent at least 2 hours looking yesterday for it... Thank you again, Jon

  11. In your "Rx400H Radio/climate Control Led Project *pics*" I noticed the navigation background is black (or dark) I was able to do this in my old RX300, and cannot figure out how to in my 08 RX400.... am I missing something...?? I look forward to your posts, mods..etc. Thank you, Jon Vero Beach, Florida

  12. Where is the ECU computer located?