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2009 Mazda 6


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Hey everyone I stumbled upon the new 09 6 a few months back and just found it again, and wanted to know what everyone thinks about it?

I know it "ain't no Lexus" ;) but I'm kinda feeling it! I wouldn't mind owning one if I were in the market for a new set of wheels!!



Fully optioned out "top-of-the-line" model on their website with nav and everything was less than $34g. V6 Mileage is rated 17/25.


The MAZDA6 is now bigger in every way including a longer wheelbase, a wider and more stable stance, and more interior room for both driver and passengers.

* Increased overall length provides extra comfort, and seating for up to 5 adults in uncompromised comfort, style and fuel economy.

* Increased leg and hip room in front cabin, while the increased rear passenger room offers more leg, shoulder and hip room than the Honda Accord, Nissan Altima and Chevy Malibu.

* Best-in-class cargo space and 60/40 rear fold-flat seats for increased cargo capacity.


Whichever engine option you choose, total driving satisfaction comes standard on every 2009 MAZDA6.

* A 3.7L DOHC 24-valve V6 with variable valve timing (VVT) produces 272 hp and 269 lb-ft of torque – more horsepower and torque than virtually all vehicles in its class.

* The 2.5L 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve engine with VVT produces 170 horsepower and 167 lb-ft of torque, more than the Toyota Camry or Chevy Malibu.

* The V6 features a 6-speed Sport automatic transmission with manual-shift mode. The 4-cylinder options include a 6-speed manual or a 5-speed Sport automatic with manual-shift mode.

* Excellent fuel economy - up to 21 City/30 Highway for the 4-cylinder with automatic transmission†.


Insightful design. Brilliant engineering. Well-considered amenities. Thoughtful safety features. The all-new 2009 MAZDA6 has intelligence covered.

* The only vehicle in its class to offer the available Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) System‡.

* Available Mazda Advanced Keyless Entry & Start System, allows you to unlock your vehicle without pulling out your keys and once inside the available push-button start lets you turn the car on with ease.

* Bluetooth®** phone and audio capability enables hands-free operation of your compatible phone and MP3 players.

* Available custom tuned 333-watt Bose® Premium Centerpoint® Surround Sound System with 10-speakers including amplified Nd® subwoofer.

* Available voice-activated DVD navigation system featuring a 7-inch LCD touch screen.

The completely 100% new MAZDA6 arrives in dealerships August 2008, so contact your local Mazda dealer for availability and come back to for more information."

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After 24k and 14 months of owning our 07' 3 GT, I'm still quite happy with it. But, in all honesty, I might have a problem with a Mazda family sedan though. Zoom Zoom little toys, they're great at! But bigger family sedans, I'm not so sure I'd be happy with the overall build quality. They seem to use quite a bit of cheap plastic in the engine area for air intakes, mounts, clips, etc.. I had to replace the idler and belt recently because the wheel is plastic and started to wear out. In our 3, when hitting bumps, I can certainly feel and hear some of that stuff bangin' around. I'll have to go through with some rubber sticky mounts soon to quiet it down. Additionally, under mild acceleration, the engine is a bit buzzy. This is fine on a smaller, sports car like the 3 GT, but I've rented numerous 6's over the past few years and they too seemed quite buzzy. They also ride pretty hard, which is part of their zoom zoom characteristic. They're also a bit light on the road noise insulation materials, espeicially in the wheel wells. The sheet metal is pretty tinnie too. This is fine in a toy-like car, but not so sure I'd want that in a family sedan.

Styling wise, I'm not so hot on those front fender flares. I'm sure the interior is nice though, with a nice european feel to them. The 3 is built on a Volvo frame, which makes it quite nice at highway speeds "absent the road noise on concrete". I'm not sure if the 6 is built on a Volvo frame though. I think it's probably a Ford 500/Taurus frame. I'm sure the engine is Ford, as most Mazda's are. Our 2.3 has Ford MoCo stamped all over the engine.

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Hehe aura :D

That red color does the car no justice. I couldn't find a picture to post of it in it's pure white color, but it looks GREAT white! black too..

I like the tail pipes, and how slanted the headlights are. It is a HUGE improvement over the last mazda6!

Here's a link to a good article where Hiroshi Kajiyama (chief program engineer of the new 6) owns up to the last 6's short-comings.

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I wonder if the new optional 3.7 L engine gives it enough power. I've driven MANY different Mazdas (worked at a Mazda and Suzuki dealership for a short time) and the current Mazda6 is not a fun car to drive! Although I only test drove a V6 Mazda6 twice, but their 4 cylinders are slooowww! hehe. :D

The only cars I think that are worthy of ZOOM-ZOOM are the Mazda Speed3, RX8, and Mazda Speed6.


"Hey Denny, careful driving that red Speed3, people usually don't notice their speed but that thing will have you flying before you know it"

(Driving down a main street, maximum speed limit 45)

....(Checks Speedometer)

"Oh crap! I'm running 65 already?"

:o :o :o


"So how'd it drive?"


"WHEWWW! Too damn fast! I guess you were right. I thought you were only kidding :P "


Ok guys here's something that might interest you. This video was taken from a brand new 08 Mazda6. If anyone's curious how cars fresh from the truck are, BEFORE they go through PDI, this is just one of the weird things about them...

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HHmmm, well, it's not a bad looking car. I have allways wanted Mazda to do a little better. I mean I guess I root for them. It's like they are allways the underdog. The RX-7 was simply a display of what they are capable of. I owned one for a few years and loved it!


post-42851-1218082259_thumb.jpg post-42851-1218082269_thumb.jpg

post-42851-1218082284_thumb.jpg post-42851-1218082478_thumb.jpg

And I had a Mazda B2300 small truck that ran 174k miles without a single issue.

I agree however that they aren't the quality level of a Lexus for certian. And NC made good points about being able to get away with more and a few thing being acceptable on the smaller cars, that on a larger family car would be just plain annoying!

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Yeah man. But I had to give it up though. I'm in no way knocking on the rotory engine, especially the 2B motor. But when your pushing 700 whp, you need to have a few spare engines laying around as back ups. <_< It's a tuning nightmare!

Here's some momentos from the 3 engines I popped in 2 years :

post-42851-1218324203_thumb.jpg post-42851-1218324191_thumb.jpg


So I put a new motor in, smaller turbo, tuned it down a bit and sold it before I blew motor number 4. :angry:

And when I got waxed by a Supra later, I decided time to join in on the fun! :lol:

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Well I do like the clean crisp look of the Mazda... but having a family I dont believe I could look at it seriously for my personal needs. My daughter has a small Cheverolet Cavalier SS and granted she is 18 and loves her car...I hate it.... So I think the only real question is for 34g " Would you be happy with the automobile?". Because when I think Zoom Zoom Zoom it makes me think fun to drive on weekends. But, if it makes you happy,hell your payment...your car.( all this coming from a man that still plays with old Camaros and knows they arent dependable). :P

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