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  1.;dcaid=17070 less than $20, thought i would share :)
  2. Thats what I was hoping lex, thanks. jcrome: I didn't see the flash
  3. Thats a sigh of relief, I hope you're right. Thanks blacktop
  4. So quick question, I was driving in Dallas and while I was in the middle of the intersection, the light turned red. Now I read online that the picture only gets taken if you enter the intersection while the light is red. Is this true? Has anyone gotten one of these? I did not notice a flash but I did see two cameras. I know that some cameras flash even during the day. Should I expect a ticket in the mail? I was going a measly 34 mph so I pray not
  5. What movie was it that the BMW 7 series did this and the taxi driver with a souped up taxi investigated on bank robberies? Anyways, they changed their rims and peeled of the red tape to reveal a blue stock 7 series. They got away because the car changed in appearence after every robbery
  6. Thanks smooth, I've been good, I'm also on the road now :D And yourself?
  7. Spare me the details den, i can only imagine :D (unless of course theres something you need to get off your mind) Steve, glad to see that your situation is still stable due to good planning.
  8. I think it's a little expensive for a mazda. Like I mentioned in another thread, you can get an 08 fully loaded acura tl for 34 out the door (due to redesigned 09s)
  9. Sorry to hear that steve, knowing you though, I'm sure you planned very well for such a situation. I know since you're in real estate you're probably having a hard time. Den: Glad to hear you're back in the states! Where are you going to school? the girls? (I can't wait to hear the response for this one :D )
  10. That probably was a stupid question, but thanks for answering, GX is the car I learned to drive on and the one I primarily drive. I had never really used cruise control until now.
  11. To engage the cruise control, you push the button in and the light should come on your dash that reads "cruise" and at that point cruise control should be activated right? Am I doing something wrong because when I follow those steps the light comes on and everything but it isn't active Thanks, - Jay
  12. Good to see the old gang is still here, I should be getting a car this following spring break. We almost bought a fully loaded 2008 acura tl for 34k out the door but my mom over ruled dad and said we don't need a car till next spring. Steve do you have an LS yet? Den where in the world are you now? Thanks for the warm welcome back guys, I just got busy with school and a job and what not and I went "off the grid" :D. Once again, glad to see everyone's still here
  13. indiasfinest


    I don't know how many of you guys remember me and how many are still active on these forums. I thought I would come back and say hi. I finally got a license and share the GX with my mom. How has everyone been?
  14. My dad was telling me about it. I personally think it is going to get beaten up so quickly in India and that the small engine won't be able to survive the load that typical families put on their cars there. Anyways back to the original question, probably a toyota or honda.
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