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  1. Hello again everyone,glad to see most familiar names are alive and kicking after the Great Ice of 09 came and went. We just got power back up last night at the house. Been out since January 27th and we are the lucky ones....considering we had two generators and a actual wood fireplace in the house and the temps got down into below zero catagory afew nights. Hope everyone made it through ok. My wife kids and cars par pretty good in the storm and Lexus came through like a champ...without being able to get out of driveway from trees in subfreezing temps for solong,I was alil worried about the battery taking a snap in the cold. Low and behold wife fired it right up after setting for so long. My wife and 18 year old daughter done great too.. never thought i would find them carrying in firewood and cooking on wood burning stove. But, both of them came through like champs I think some of the days they even enjoyed being cut off from the real just them the generators and Tevo..lmao... thats about as cut off as it gets...If anyone works for the power companies a thanks goes out..we had crews from Tx. and Ga. and a few other states and nomatter what anybody says they worked their !Removed! off in weather to get us back up and running as fast as they did...the damage was devastating where we live..well just wanted to see if anyone else had a ice story... if you do and have pics post them so others can see just what I am talking about. The picture I posted is of a tree at Cairo Ill. Where the Ohio River, Upper Mississippi, Lower Mississippi meet. I was on the M/V City of Louisville when it was taken...temp outside was 12 degrees with a windchill of alil cold.
  2. Sorry, what are we suppose to be looking at ride flop B)
  3. Well my opinion is just my opinion,but, as far as the big three I have to agree with blacktop on some of the hand the same managers and CEO's money with no real plan for restruture or change is like loaning money to someone to pay a power bill that is three months old,knowing they have no ability to pay the past bills and no further income to pay the future bills. Now on top of that, they have another payment to which you expect to get paid. There is no way this will work. With the taxpayers left holding the bill and some CEO with another golden parachute. If they need alil help maybe they need to hire Warren Buffet to help with a restructure....the idea behind giving all these companies billions of dollars so they can go on buisness as usual. It is very deheartening for these companies to ask for all this money and still offer nothing in return other than debt. The taxpayers already own the largest mobile home lot in the world,now we are ask to help in the purchase of the largest used car lot..... :(
  4. Just wanted to say hello and welcome to the L.O.C. great place for any automotive lover... B) ..and input is always welcome around here... lol.. and we understand about the Porsche thing.. I have special place in my heart for old Camaros, just have problems making myself drive it anymore... I still love'em, just would rather hop in the Lexus and stretch out, rather than crawl into the Camaro and fold once again welcome to the forum.
  5. Nice very very the ride very well maitained from the looks.
  6. Whats the inset?... B) ..and what did he take them off of...?
  7. B) Yeah, It's worth a go.........IMHO Sorry hated to do it but was using this as the test for a min...lmao.. trying to see how the signature works you can delete when done.. Thanks got it...lmao
  8. B) Yeah, It's worth a go.........IMHO Sorry hated to do it but was using this as the test for a min...lmao.. trying to see how the signature works you can delete when done..
  9. Holy ancient threads! :P Our So Cal home is 20-ish minutes away from the New Port Beach Lexus dealership and the Flecher Jones boys. Not too many years ago the lovely folks of NPB (including FJ mercedes) sponsered an international airport in "our" backyard (meaning the surrounding cities of Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Irvine, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Woods, and Aliso Viejo). Big Money NPB did NOT win that war. But the hard feelings remain. None of our surrounding cities has any impovrished areas ... by a long shot. We simply out spent them, and leagally out manuvered them. It took years of legal manuvering and spending. That said, I'd push our Lexus home before doing business with anyone in NPB. Well, actually, I'd call triple 'A' :P But driving down Pacific Coast Highway (pch) we've seen the dealership. No big deal. Like most all older cities, NPB has its skuzzy areas too, as well as over-priced ones. That's one of the nice things about living in NPB's surrounding cities ... newer planned community/cities. New cities literally plan bad areas out of existence. You don't have to drive too far down PCH before you get away from the hoyty-toytie areas, near the NPB Lexus dealership, or FJ Mercedes ... or the Ferarri delership ... or the Lambo dealership, etc. But a huge chunck of the NPB Lexus dealership is just the cost of being where it is. NPB land in that area, even in these depressed times is horribly expensive. With the devaluation since that article came out? I'll bet NPB Lexus is really hurting. Our Lexus replaced a big'ol land barge Range Rover. 13mpg. Oh boy. Unreliability, and over-priced too. What a combo. The Range Rover dealerships around here have all the fancy junk too (both NPB as well as the one in Mission Viejo). It just comes with the territory of being in a pricy area. Anyway, the Lexus Dealerships (NPB as well as others) GM dealers, Chrysler, etc ... they're ALL hurting now. When the Markets open tomorrow, it'll be quite a ride ... and the overpriced Dealerships of NPB? We'll see. But seeing how the economy has changed since Lexus made its plans to break ground (over three years back) ... you only know Lexus wouldn't have gone to all the expense if they could have had a crystal ball showing October 2008. No joke there...I watched my stocks the other day and had to say 10 hail mary's...and I'm not oh well.. we will see.. I dont have any real short term investments so I will continue to ride it out.. but have just shut four companies down in the past few years I do feel the climate change.. If I would have had a crystal ball I would have bought stock in the company that made them... because that seems to be the only one that can make money for the time good insite though.. enjoyed your statement/right on the money
  10. basically cant really reply to that ...lmao... but congrats on the second chance... I have a old out board motor for a bass boat that hasnt ran in years...I will be purchasing a large can of WD-40 for it shortly...lmao... let us know if it helps the gas mileage any..thanks :P and again.. congrats on the ride.
  11. I cant be much of a help.. I would have looked the same direction as you toward the fuel system..but, I am a good promo manager... you might look for Smooth1I am sure if he isnt around he will be probably tomorrow.. hes pretty hands on and from what I have read up on and done.. he is usually right on the money most of the time.. have to give him props.. There are alot of people on here that have alot of knowlege about these cars.. dont get discouraged keep checking for a few days someone usually does help... and Welcome to the LOC...
  12. I like the ride spawn... think the trunk piece would be a nice touch... wouldnt go with much more though..personal opinion ...less is more.. ;)
  13. I agree with spawn... sounds like a worn belt or tensioner problem... ;)
  14. I dont think that would be a bad idea dc especially since i usually screwup trying something out and look like I have some mental problems with some posts... lol.. and another good idea brought to you by dcfish inc .
  15. Check the wires in the will find them on the left side bracket inside the lift will be a black roll type wire cover open it up and see if any are broken or if they are grounding out... I have never had a problem with mine but know a few that have... I am sure there will be more replies to your inquiry but might explain the trunk issue some.. sorry I cant be of more help.
  16. I have to say having owned alot of black cars and trucks..I like alil chrome on them... not alot... maybe wheels and a few lil pieces ...not to go over board... had a black RX-7 once had chrome windshield wipers onit and wheels with chrome emblems...didnt look bad to me at all... just enough to set it for your car..I dont think the trunk lift would be to much and might set it off more from the back ..sorta break the monotany some... and something that shines never hurts on a :)
  17. ...Maybe they can make one of the rides the new LF-A roadster coaster.... :whistles: ..I would ride
  18. B) I use blackmagic I have to agree with jcrome and cardona...usually if I take it to the car wash i use the spot free rinse cycle of the wash and dont use pressure..if it is dirty enough that with detergent and a light spray wont clean it best to do it by hand..try to just lightly spray over the electronic and air system, making sure you dont soak it...and leave your engine running while you do it..(spray with water)...this keeps it hot enough and with electrical current running through the parts so as it will burn off a light amount of water without trying to restart it wet when you have finished. Its also best to let it run for a few minutes with the hood up so it will evaporate into the air not into the fire cloth that is on the hood..this could make alil more mess if you steam clean it over the :chairshot:
  19. Thanks ... made my day to know she was back up and ready to roll... makes you feel like one of your kids are sick or something when she didnt feel good... lol... thanks again and anyone around my area... The Toyota dealership in Paducah done excellent... takes alil longer but saved about 600.00 dollars from what Lexus wanted... ;) worth a couple extra days...
  20. Got the news from the dealership... Our LS after a small but victorious battle with the computer has been completed and conquered...whooo... not without loss though... after wrecker bill, computer, diagnosis, service ...(oil change) and a nice lil plastic bag to tie around my head the damage was a mere..$ after I heard the news and went and cried in the shower feeling touched and dirty :cries: ...I came out just happy she is back on the road running like a youngster again... thanks for everyones comments and help... just glad that she still came out intact and good for another few happy and much needed years...
  21. That sucks dude...sorry to hear that... what about insurance... I had a Triumph that burt with a engine fire..on the police report it said Over heated ....lmao.. insurance paid though... replaced engine...then sold the piece of .
  22. That sucks dude...sorry to hear that... what about insurance... I had a Triumph that burt with a engine fire..on the police report it said Over heated ....lmao.. insurance paid though... replaced engine...then sold the piece of .
  23. :( I would have to run and test drive a Merc...for the Starbucks...before getting my LS serviced...lmao ;) ....In Orange County...? Does the four hole course have a caddy...if not that is just uncivilized...lmmfao :whistles:
  24. Did your car come from Miss....just wondered I just drove through to La. the other day and somewhere between Monroe and Vicksburg I ended up with bad gas....just a question... and as far as the 12 disc changer...both people I know with them in your make of Lex has had them replaced... same as my Pioneer in mine wasnt a well life long friend... as far as getting frustrated on here... not a real good way to get alot of help... attention no... sometimes It might take few days before someone replys... but, if you dont get any help ask again in alil different way and try to be specific in the question..there are alot of very good people that have alot of know how with various types of Lexus... look for DCFISH...he is usually a good direction for electronic trinkets... sorry I cant help more. :)
  25. To each their own...and being a car fanatic of all kinds of cars ...I like them both...I have factory chrome lexus rims and thought very seriously about putting aftermarket on..keep talking myself out of it afraid of messing with the already perfect ride :D ...and that would be just :(
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