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Ever noticed the logo on the headlights, I never did..Most of you know about the crystal polished main beams. Impressive at night. Just a note.

I must be blind; you mean the L design on the left side? Or is there a L with a circle etched somewhere like the Maybach ?

I've yet to see a 600.
That's b/c they are all here in So Cal; every 3rd or 4th LS I see is a hybrid. They are popular in NYC too.
Beautiful car!

I have a client that has one that looks just like that, I haven't ridden in it but I sat in it and its gorgeous!

i drove it again this year at the Taste of Lexus...this year we went on a 3 mile road course through Pasadena. It was so funny, a caravan of 4 LS600's and an LS460, nothing makes me smile like a half million bucks worth of hybrids! They also had an LS460 AWD there but I didn't drive it. The car I drove even had the driver monitoring system but no LKA.

After this drive I must admit I'm in a little in love with the LS600h. My inner geek giggled every time the engine cut off down a grade or at a stoplight and then seamlessly turned back on. I was grinning as the car glided up to the stop sign or across an intersection under all electric power. It's so quiet. It's so quick. The hybrid drive makes mincemeat of midrange passing; to say nothing of the lovely roar of the V8 under power. The interior is gorgeous; every surface seems to be covered in wood or leather--even the dash and tops of the doors. In these times it's the only extravagance that seems remotely justifiable.

Time to start playing the lotto again. And shopping for an old LX470 to have my minion drive behind me with all my luggage. And I also need a minion.


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Sound so simple doesn't it? LOL.

Seriously though if I won the lottery I could probably spring for the LX 570-they had one there as well and I sat in it while they demonstrated the crawl control...NICE. So simple even the minion could operate it. The minion could probably even buy it.

So add #5 to the stock in oil companies.

So your to do list

1. Win lotto

2. Buy LS600hL

3. Buy LX470 for minion and luggage

4. Get minion.

Sounds like a plan to me!

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I like the way the LS600h has a thin blue surround on the grille emblem. Not sure what it is for though , or even if it lights up.

The emblem on the grille with the thin blue line is a sensor assembly that is tied in to the optional pre-collision system and the dynamic radar cruise control. According to Lexus, "The PCS uses millimeter wave radar projected from the front of the vehicle to help determine when a frontal collision is unavoidable. The system will then retract the front seat belts in addition to activating brake assist the moment the driver presses on the brake pedal".

The dynamic radar cruise also sends out millimeter wave radar in order to determine the distance of the car in front of it. If it senses the car ahead is slowing down, it will adjust the cruise speed automatically in order to maintain a certain distance.

This is a option available on all the LS models. LS cars without this option used the standard emblem in the grille.

Pretty cool stuff, but I can't see the emblem on the headlight either.

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