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  1. Hey man it's been a while. Welcome back. The two big ones are the control arms and brake actuator; but honestly there's not too much that can go wrong. Detailed list in another post from a while back: I think is largely still relevant. Good luck!
  2. +1 for the Vaistech units. Easy to install and very helpful tech support. I have 2 of them and love both; they also have a cool BT unit that reads playlists out of iOS devices; like the new OEM integration. The LS430 has a complicated stereo system (amp in the trunk; separate radio tuner) that's annoying and expensive to replace. I just went with the OEM ML system and added the iPod; have had no regrets for the last 10 years.
  3. To this list I would add motor and transmission mounts and possible a couple suspension bushings; as you approach 100k the front ones may need attention. Other than that there's not much to worry about on these cars if you don't have the air suspension. To Jim's point you'll miss out on some of the newer tech; but the car's basic goodness makes up for many of those issues. I'd rather have a 10 year old LS than a new Corolla. The LS400 that's approaching 900k miles still has the original engine and transmission; they were rebuilt around 600k miles. So these cars last. I have both an LS430
  4. A nice comparo on the million mile Lexus:
  5. I wouldn't be too worried about rust. Most modern cars don't have rust issues; and the LS has rubberized paint; plastic lower panels etc to mitigate any stone damage that would result in the metal being exposed. The only thing I would think would be concerned about (and the only thing I've seen rust on a Lexus from) is improper repair of collision damage. I still see 20+ year old LS cars occasionally in the Northeast US; which has pretty brutal winters. My mechanic and I did some digging and we believe the power steering pump leakage issue is no longer a concern on the LS430; I think the pos
  6. Double check the tire pressure. The 4LS seems to be very sensitive about tire pressure and ride; and the low profile tires make it hard to see if a tire is low by visual inspection. Usually the alarm won't sound until the pressure drops below 30psi; but the car usually rides a lot better with 33 or even 35 psi. I got the car back from the dealer who pumped the tires up to 35 psi and i think the car is not as firm as when the tires were at 32 or 33. The other option is that the shocks are leaking but that would make the ride more bouncy than hard I would think. Good luck!
  7. The UR V8s are definitely noisier than the older UZ units. There are a couple reasons for this: Timing Chain: the UR engines (LS 460/600) use a timing chain rather than a timing belt (LS430). The timing chain lasts longer than the belt but is noisier. The UR engines sound more like a Mercedes V8 when revved hard; whereas the UZ engines still sound like tearing silk. Dual Fuel System: the UR engines have both direct and indirect fuel injection; the engine activates them as needed and at different RPM/use case scenarios for best efficiency and drivability. The DI fuel injection system (which i
  8. Sometimes I have to delete all the contacts in the car phonebook before I do the transfer. This is from an old BB torch as the iPhone won't do an OBEX push to the car.
  9. You have to let it ruuuuuun on the freeway with the other cars. FWIW a 460 or 430 in the same scenario would get even worse mileage; so you're saving the planet a little bit anyway.
  10. Getting good hybrid mileage really depends on letting the car warm up. For the first 10 or 15 minutes the car's priority is getting the cats and all the other powertrain components up to operating temperature; so the engine runs almost constantly. If you take many short, infrequent city trips (like I do during the week) then you'll be getting about 13-14 mpg. My LS430 over the same route gets about 12 mpg for whatever it's worth. Once warmed up; out on the open road 25+mpg is possible. I've seen 28-29 mpg on the way to Palm Springs; although this is at speeds well above the legal limit. I'm
  11. Sewell (before they closed their website) sold a kit for this; basically bundling the shocks and struts from the Sport package for those looking to replace the Airshocks. I don't know if they still have it (you have to call now) but I bet they've figured out how to prune the Air suspension system from the car somehow.
  12. I just installed this in my 600h L: They list the RX from 2001 as being compatible but double check their site depending on which one you want. They have all three combinations you are looking for; and you can daisy chain them together to add capabilities. and I have one of their older SLI units in my LS430. Durable and work well; especially with the steering wheel and radio controls. I just leave an old iPod classic in the car full time: instant music server.
  13. Ok I finally had the time (and the guts) to attempt this today. I started with this tutorial here: And there is a very long CL thread here: Took about 3 hours start to finish. After 3+ years I can lock and unlock the driver's door with the remote! I swear the car was smiling at me when I walked away. I have the easy closer; buried in that thread is another post that nicely details the differences you'll see:
  14. The last time I drove to Vegas I remember gassing up the LS430 and getting back on the highway and the trip computer returned 27.4 mpg; this was in the summer cruising around 70-80 mph; in 100 degree heat with the AC on refrigerate. 2004+ cars had the 6 speed transmission which I think resulted in slightly better mileage as the 6th gear was higher; so 28+ mpg seems reasonable. The trip computer tends to be optimistic so you may be seeing a real benefit; but the mpg in these cars for their size and power is remarkable out of the box. Generally using regular gas lowers the mileage (and the c
  15. +1 on it probably being normal; I hear this every time I engage park or reverse. If the clicks correspond to gear selections from the transmission selector it sounds like normal operation. it may be solenoids engaging; the selector changing valve settings; not sure but it seems louder in the LS than some of the other cars I've driven. I replaced the transmission mounts a couple years ago and noticed the car got quieter; but didn't really notice any knocking per se. I'd probably take it in at some point and have them do a complete fluid changeover if you don't know if it's been done. if a rep
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