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first list the year and colour



how long owned and any of the problems you have had and fixed and if you remember where and how much it cost to fix

also the date of any repairs, to get an idea of how long the original parts lasted

if you use synthetic fluids or regular as well

also timing belt and water pump changes or other maintance service done

like getting the shims added in the valve to stop the tapping or broken engine mounts

it would also be interesting if you stated the location if not in the side bar and added how much you pay for insurance plus age ( so those of us who are getting hosed by the insurance companies can see)

please post once and not reply to any posts to save space on the

"oh i have that problem also" replies as this thread will reach way to long and bore members from reading the rest as it looks like conversation of 3 pages

if you would like to add anything at a later point i would suggest using the edit button on the right of your post

this will give people a good idea of your car and any problems and simple fixes to them if possible

if ther is somehting you want to ask a specific member PM them( private message)

if it might help other owners put up a new thread listing it

thanks and look forward to see what you got

1994 ES 300 dark green with purple and brown pearl all painted one colour instead of 2 tone

198 000 km bought in 96 from a lotus dealer for 28 000 canadian with 72 000 km

used to pay 2500 a year when i was under 25 no am 28 and pay 1000 a year

this is in the biggest city in Canada with full insurance

lexus warrenty

had front wheel hub replaced for free has the rear abs sensor fixed for 315 at the same time

engine mounts twice

wipers would not work properly , would stop when i took off the switch ,didnt' matter the position it would just park in the windsheild,they replaced everything 3 months after the warrenty expired from motors to switces and relays. just to fiind it was the coloum stalk

paid to have

new optima yellow top battery and terminals plus gwires from batt as they were slightly corroded and brittle 300

95-96 front lower grill to match my new rectangle fogs ( after an accident with a truck tire)

changed all fluids to synthetic power steering which is tranny fluid oil always since i have owned it and tranny is but it seems these trannies do not like synthetic as they begin to slip and wear with it

changed all the bulbs in the dash and hvac controller

had timing belt at lexus for about 800 with parts

neon light in trunk so i can see at night since the stupid little one in there is useless 80

replaced weatherstriping on both sides of the doors in 97 ,stillmade no difference for about 200

still have problems with

alternator not working at full potential when hot and at idle

a grinding noise from my power steering pump pulley( possible bearing)

steering wheel cracking

lcd on hvac doesn't work unless i push in one corner ( too lazy to find loose connection)

brake pedal real spongy ( will get stainless steel brake lines to fix)

slight condensation when i power wash the car have to resilicone them after i remove the corner reflectors

3rd brake ligth mount is broken as it will not stay in place ,since it is a pain in the butt to remove and broke 2 clips on it

only have 3 led s on the needles out, one for each needle ( i am pretty lucky,since my alternator isn't at full output it lowers its voltage thus keeping the needles from full power and heat ,so as not to fail)

am in the process of doing my engine mount in ureathane again ( as i sold mine) to stop it from breaking again and again

replaced the hood stuts with camry ones,then realized on of mine wa still good and i just switched sides of having one good and one bad hood strut

driver side seat belt does not always stay locked ,have to pull up each time to make sure

have a slight drip of a/c oil inside the dash,it has been there since i had the car ,but the a/c still blow real cold

all prices are canadian dollars

all mods are listed in my signiture so i won't repeat it and waste space

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Looks like I start?

Ok.. Silver 1996 ES300. Re-badged 96 Toyota Windom Lexter... 2.5...

88,800 kms. Never had any problems with it. (Touch wood) Timing belt and so forth were all replaced before purchased.. Although will need to find out why I am starting to get condensation inside the front right headlight..

Outside mods: Chroming of orange turn signals on front headlights. Complete rebadging.. Chrome silver ....

Inside: 2 tone, black and silver.. All wood panels have been replaced, including around upper area aircon controls with silver coverings. Door wood coverings all replaced with silver.. Factory radio ect, all replaced by 6"-3" faced Sony CD-Md player with large display screen, and Caz surround speakers...

Whats to come?: Complete chroming of the front grille.. 17" wheels. ...And 3 tone light red, black and dark red coloring (aka Mercedes) of rear taillights..

:ph34r: Chris :ph34r:

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1997, black.

145,000 miles.

No mods.

Bought from Honda dealer used in September 2000 with 57K, $20,000. One previous owner.

Added sunroof and 12-CD changer shortly after buying.

I'm about to replace the rear tires, recently replaced the fronts. This will be the third set (i.e. originals and one replacement set of MXV4s discarded). Going to Dunlop SP Sports.

Replaced all struts around 130K. Have changed timing belt once - looks like I need to again.

I have the squealing drive belt problem and will fix it soon.

I was badly rear-ended in February of this year and thought the car would be a write-off. In fact the repairs were excellent and I can detect no difference. Note however that when you tell yourself it will be cheap to fix with Camry parts you may forget that body panels take longer to get. I was stuck in a Buick Century for two and a half months :(

Since I bought it the car has never seen a Lexus dealer. The local gas station changes oil at 5,000 (regular fluids), does brakes, etc.

I'm hoping to go to an LS400 with low miles and change cars before I reach 100,000, so that I don't need to worry about strut changes.

I'm 59 so insurance isn't a big issue. I have no idea what it costs.

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98 ES300 Gray (antique sage)

Bought a month ago. Had 38k miles. Car runs well.

Had to replace the oil pan for $400 cause the thread of the recepticle part of the oil plug was stripped. (first I heard of such thing. My mechanic told me it's kind of common, especially for Hondas. Anyone agreed? Or I got ripped off).

Dive belt squealed. Tightened belts for $50.

Former owner used Mobile One. Switched back to regular oil with BG MOA.

Insurance $426 for six months. Age 53 in Washington DC. ;)

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Added sunroof and 12-CD changer shortly after buying.

wow! where did u go to get the sunroof done and how much?? :o

you forgot to mention you info flipspeed :D

just use the edit function and place your info in this post also



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wow! where did u go to get the sunroof done and how much??

Look on the Internet. I went with American Sunroofs (have had a name change since, I believe), although you could try Webasto.

Around $1,000 fitted.

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92 es300 grey/purple (no idea what the color would be called) named Eze.

bought it in june (?) from a dealer in durham (if anyone is shopping for a car, do not ever go there..ill go look up the name later))with 129k miles....now has 133,002 miles.....

no mods besides a personalized plate that was stolen :chairshot:

need new tires soon they are about bald....looked good when i bought the car...

issues are a mile long.....

but things repaired or to be repaired:

1) mass air flow sensor replaced in the last few months

2) new antenna

3) some other sensor (one of the 0xygen ones)

4) soon to be the computer or the temp sensor in the car....

5)cold start sensor

6)who knows what else....i'm sure everyone will see all my complaints somewhere along the line ;)

reason for 1,3,4,5,6: slow acceleration in the morning, bucking like a bronco, dropping rpm's gear shifting issues...etc.....

conclusion: unknown.... been the to mechanic tons of times and the dealer..no one has a clue....

oh yeh.. i own a lemon. that explains it all..L-E-M-O-N.

timing belt was replaced before i got it, i want to say around 80k miles

my parents pay insurance....insurance for a 20 yr old who has been driving since she was 17...probably pretty high..i heard $1k a year.....but that was a long time ago....

and yes, i have tons more to say than this....but im done for now ;)

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1994 Cashmere Beige ES 300, bought(well...parents bought) May 22, 2003(I'm obsessed..lol) with 106k from an individual, $6300 plus a new egr valve. Problems to be fixed...vibrations while idling,broken antenna, blown front speaker, hazy headlights, must must get windows realigned...it sounds like a tornado inside when I go 80mph on the freeway, flickering needles, and a dried and terribly cracked drivers seat. What I have replaced/repaired....broken hood struts($60 a piece at Lex dealer), replaced lights behind speedo cluster($40), egr valve(as per purchase agreement), vacuum switching valve for egr($100), leather on steering wheel($310 at American Stitches...I highly recomend), engine, tranny, and injector flush at Toyota dealer($250), and just in today a new set of Lexus floormats($120...these are so beautiful!!!). Runs and drives like a dream(except at stop lights :lol:...see other post ), and I love the silky smooth shifts into the 5000+rpm range too B) . I wish I knew when the timing belt was last changed(the car wasn't serviced at Lexus; I already checked); this is the only major servicing I'm worried about. Mods...these cars are already beautiful as is...that's why I have none :lol: ...no stereo, rim, or body modifications...just a gold package I just bought from a gentleman on LOC...and maybe a K&N in the future. Insurance....its got to be killing my parents...I'm a 17y/o boy in a Lex...ouch!! I want to say they pay around $1500-$2000 per year for my insurance...but I really dunno. I do know that if my grades drop below a 3.2 I loose the good student rate and then that money comes out of my empty pocket. This club is the best on the net :P !!!


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1997 ES300 2-tone pearl white

119,455 miles

No Mods


New Windshield {Warranty} - Didn't notice chip on windshield when i bought the car

Cynoid(sp?) {Warranty} - Accidentally drove car with parking brake on

Left blinker turn signal light {$90} - Wear and tear?

Driver's side door beam(that black plastic strip by the window) {Warranty} - Plastic strip was broken during curteousy wash

Passenger side door beam(that black plastic strip by the window) {$80} - I now had to match the Driver's side beam

Tires {4 @ $350} - Tires were balding

Brakes {4 @ $450 + rear shims) - Brakes had <40% life left on them; rear brakes squealed

O2 sensor {$400} - Dealer caught problem during regular oil change

Brake Hoses {Warranty} - Lexus recall bulletin?

Driver's side Door latch/handle {$98} - Small spring fell off

Battery {$150} - Dead Battery


Rear-Mount Sony RF CD Changer {$350+$90 installation} - Car did not come with in-dash CD Changer..would not recommend RF CD Changer(too much interfearance)


Timing Belt/Water Pump {Qouted @ $1,700} - 120K Service

Replace Audio Console {$100-$1,000} - LCD display burn-in(hyrogliphics)

Remove RF CD Changer and add Lexus factory CD Changer {$??} - My DIY project

Regular oil changes @ 5000 miles (not sure what type of oil dealership uses)

Owned for ~3yrs

Age 28 / Insurance =$1440yr

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