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  1. hello, I joined 12/08/09, but didn't give any info. How do I get into the system and update my profile "mulskr"

    Thank you

  2. Hello I am new to this board. How do I turn off notices about every new post which comes up. I needed help on 1 item, and posted a request for that. Now I get many emails on unrelated items.

    thank you.


  3. If I can just address this. WE LOVE PICS!! we dont really impose a limit on the number of pics (although keeping them of a reasonable size is nice). To be honest, inlining images from another domain costs us a few bytes in database storage and zero in bandwidth - no issues at all. Personally - I love to see pictures of peoples' cars - and I enjoy sharing pictures of my own. I'm looking forward to pics of razahyde's new car.
  4. Then ask Lexus direct. Lexus Owners Club has been invited by to join their live chat. This is the email I got from Sylvia Marino, a director of
  5. I cant either - think their site is down
  6. This forum is dedicated to trying to aid Lexus Owners Club members with any warranty questions. We have a full time Warranty Portal available to all members, with a raft of articles that explain all aspects of warranties. We have also partnered with Warranty Direct to supply high quality warranties to all of our members who want the piece of mind that a top notch warranty will provice. As a result of this partnership, Jeff Petrone ( will be a dedicated LOC Warranty Adviser from Warranty Direct, and will try to help all members with any warranty issues and questions. I am sure everyone will welcome Jeff to the LOC Team.
  7. its irrelevant what people like now. there was a poll of the membership as to which way people wanted to see the forum structured. the consensus was to put the Hybrid people in a forum of their own. so - thats what happened. this is no longer even a subject for debate
  8. I have been contacted by Lexus, who would like to invite Lexus Owners Club members to an exclusive early evaluation of the 2006 Lexus IS. If you are interested in attending this very exlcusive event you must EMAIL me as quickly as possible. In the event of more than seven people wanting to attend these events, preference will be given to our gold members.
  9. Vaistech make an excellent ipod integration unit. I have one in my GS430, and I really like it.
  10. will be wheel balancing - betcha. unless she managed to bang up a rim pretty badly in short order.
  11. now thats impressive! what was your process Jon? Which products / pads etc?
  12. weird. and this is the ONLY site it happens on? anyone else experience problems like this? I know we used experience slowdowns on a saturday, which was due to huge backups running
  13. I'm not seeing any problems here............. what do you mean by "not respond" bud? Is it just today - or every day?
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