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Doesn't Anyone Want These?


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Are 92-96 ES models so out of favor that no one wants parts for repair or upgrade? I guess I'm just frustrated, I have two things we bought for my wife's old ES and never used that I can't seem to attract any bidders for on EBay:

- A full factory gold kit, all emblems, including the antenna nut, and all four wheel centers

- A genuine Lexus replacement antenna mast

I hate to keep paying the fee to list these and no one even bids! Is there a better way to sell Lexus parts like this? You'd think someone out there is proud of their ES and would like to keep it up!

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you are right there is no ant in the 200 from 97 it was embedded int eh rear winsheild

the ant actually fits just about every toyota vehicle form the 90's that i know of

all the same and almost the same radio buttons to pop them out as well

the mast can extend longer than it does for the es 300 as it is never fully extended to its full height

which is really high

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I also have a part to sell and had been thinking of posting it on e-bay, but after reading this, I'm not so sure I should bother. I have a mass air flow sensor that I thought I needed, but found out (too late) that I didn't need it after all. Unfortunately, because it is an electrical part and had to be ordered, it is not returnable. If anyone should need one for a '97 es-300. I would be glad to sell for less than I paid. I understand it will also work for other years and some toyotas as well.

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