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  1. it could be just bogging out and in need of a good tune up and fuel cleaning.its not normal thats for sure.
  2. with a little super glue anything is possible. :D
  3. yep they are expensive.the one i have is from a 95 and has the cd changer option as well.i also have the cd changer too.and the amp and speakers!lol i guess i should just say the whole factory stereo system because i do have everything from it.
  4. skperformance has a good point about maybe cleaning the throttle body out and that might help.;my freind had that trouble once and cleaning it didnt help it at all so we raised his idle a little and its been fine for over 2 years.they say you shouldnt raise it but it wont hurt nothing in my opinoin since my freind did his and never had a problem.
  5. he might not answer back because this thread is a year :D just figuered i would throw that in.
  6. well sometimes its rebuilt but i have heard of dealers putting in new motors not rebuilt ones for there customers.i dont know if this is the case with this car but some due put new motors or at least one out of the same type car.if it was rebuilt by american parts then that would explain it!lol.
  7. you would have to check the back wiring harness and make sure its the same.if it is the same i dont see why not.
  8. im pretty sure they are clipped in and may need a screw driver to release them from the harness.other then that it should be easy to replace.check a junk yard they maybe alot cheaper then the dealer.
  9. its funny you are compairing the sts to the es300 because i did the exact same thing before buying my es300.i had a choice of getting the sts or the es300 and almost bought the sts because i think in my opinoin the sts is much more of a car then the es300 but some how chose the es300 and been happy ever since.i still love the sts and wouldnt mind buying one if someday i get rid of my es300.i say either way you cant go wrong.big huge differnce in power though.the es300 in no way shape or form can keep up with the sts.i think i chose lexus because of the name and horror stories of the old caddys but the newer caddys are much much better then ever before. and just for the record the cimmoron was with out i doubt the worse car cadyy ever built.i know this because i used to sell cars and never would go near a cimmorin because of the problems they had.but the sts is a whole other animal and way better car.good luck either way.
  10. were you rev the engine under the hood is right were the thottle body is.the thrattle body is were the air filter is connected to the metal.its right were you rev the motor at.the screw is right there and holds the part that you were reving.look real good right there and you will see it.let me know if you still cant find it and i will take a pic for you.
  11. i have right now a 95 es300 stereo i will let go for 200.i was about to list it on ebay but i will wait for replys from here first.i rather help one of yous out from the forum before ebay.
  12. lexus dealer or junk yard will have them.thats weird that they are both doing the same thing.maybe try taking them out and cleaing them real good because maybe there dirt inside them.
  13. you can raise the idle near the throttle body opening there is a screw to turn to either raise or lower the idel.look right on top of the throttle body and you will see the screw.ilet me know if you need more help finding it but its pretty easy to find.
  14. that could be true if the previous owner neglected the engine.but if it was a brand new motor that they put in there then i dont know what to think.
  15. hey i told you i had one for you. :( thats ok i guess i will list it on ebay also to get rid of much was it anyway?hopefully cheaper then mine.
  16. that would be awsome!yea i should be able to handle all the coasters by least i hope! :D
  17. looks like i will miss another unless some miracle happens and i feel good enough to come.its a shame its not in august because i should be back in shape by then.anyway have fun whoever does go l!!
  18. looks great!i havent seen many with pin striping in your year car so it will make it stand out a little for sure.
  19. acually he stated that he changed the oil every 3,000 miles if you read the whole thread.
  20. you can try maybe a towel under it so it leakes onto that instead of the motor but i know what you mean.i had a mazda that loved to leak all over the engine when you changed the filter but used a towel and it solved the problem.
  21. touch free is ok for once in a while but they are just high pressure water and dont do a great job.also i heard they dull the paint after time for high pressure water hitting the paint but no sure how true it is.
  22. i believe it dont have the blue harness because its not built in with your car since it never had a might have to try and buy one at either the dealer or try a junk yard. also just call lexus to find out what they want for the plastic part for the glove box.good luck.
  23. did you take out the wood around the shifter?or just unscrew the one screw?let me know what you did and maybe i can help.why do you need to get the shifter out?
  24. thats very weird.theres no real bad problem with the v6 engine from our year es.oil sludge is a known problem in 97 up but not 92/96.i know a guy that lives down the street from me that has 240,000 miles on a 95 es300 with the original motor and trans so i think you just cought another bad motor.bad luck i guess :chairshot: .either that or the dealer messed up on the install of your new that its out of warrentee i doubt they will even replace anything for free but its worth a shot.good luck! also welcome to the club!
  25. its possible that it could of shorted out from the sub but i would guess it was just the amp.thats probably why the speaker was cracking because either the amp was going bad or like you said the speaker is bad.what i would do is test the speaker out buy either pulling it out of your car or some other way and hooking it up to a stereo and see if it cracks still. a stereo shop could check it out for you also.let me know anytime if you need the amp and i will hook you up as long as i have it.good luck
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