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Leather Protectant

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First leather interior car that i have. Just wondering what brand do you guys use? Heard that leather on RX300 is prone to crack.

Personaly i use the Gold Class Rich Leather Wipes. These are so bad !Removed!. They even make your leather have that clean look days after using them.



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i use a big o'll vat of coco butter from wal mart

it smells so creamy

it works wonders if you put it on the seats when hat and leave for a few hours

it soaks right in

do it every 2-3 days for 2 weeks and the seats will look amazing and leave no residue

try doing it at a lunch break and when done wipe the seats with a rag quickly and go home

do it again a few days later

it will look great

i have used everything you can think of

and they are all the same

just with different smells( some are worse than others)

never use armour all(EVER!!!!!!!!)


even if it is for you tractor on the farm , it is a real crappy product

of you really have money to spend

use glysomed hand cream it is even better

after all leather is skin


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it contains silicone and some other products which are not good for anything but a shine

most if not all car shows never premote the stuff as we all kno of its bad rep

i would rather use soapy water and have a matt finish

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I think that Lexus recommends a 5% woolite solution for cleaning, but I have noticed many postings on the web where people are happy using it diluted 6 to 1. On a slightly different subject, has anyone tried the conditioner that Lexus sells at the dealership?

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I hope I am wrong but I wanted to let the forum know about what may be a problem with the Cocoa Butter. It appears that the leather may be getting so soft that it is pulling apart at the seams in a couple of small spots. I don't think they were there before but am not 100% certain. The Cocoa Butter has mineral oil as the primary ingredient and the following site recommends against mineral oil http://www.jagweb.com/leathercare.html. The lexus conditioner instructions say to only leave the conditioner on for 2 minutes. I'll be watching it more closely but in the meantime I would strongly recommend against the Cocoa Butter for now. For the users that have been using Cocoa Butter, how long have you been using it? Have you had any similar problems? For now I put my vote in for the conditioner sold at the dealership. I only put lexus parts in the car elsewhere, I wonder why I used something other that genuine lexus recommended stuff on the upholstery.

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There are much better leather conditioners out there than Lexus'

Think about it this way, if you're going to steam clean your carpet in your house would you contact the builder who built the house and have them sell you their cleaning solution? No that would be silly because they just bought the carpet like you would have, they didnt create it.

Lexus didnt create the leather in your car, they bought it. They have no more insight on what a good conditioner is then Zymol or Lexol or Meguiars, in fact they have less because Lexus is in the business of selling cars, not selling leather conditioner. Use a good creme conditioner like Zymol or Meguiars and you'll be fine, these people do this for a living.

The Lexus cleaner is just probably something else rebadged anyways.

I've always been afraid to try the coco butter.

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I compete horses at a high level and it's important to know how to take care of your leather. Lexol is actually something you do not want to use, because it's known to make leather crack in the long run. Some products I use are: Akene and Passier. They are top quilty conditioners. You can find them at


They are only about 12 dollars and will not darken your leather.

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SW03ES i was just going to say that same thing!! :D

i used coco butter for awhile and didnt have any problems with it but did notice that it was a bit spotty so now i use lexol the most and also the mequiers wipes for in between.

the wipes are acually pretty good and smell terrific!lexol is also great but dont leave a sheen or shine on the seat.the mequiers leaves a nice new look to the leather and lasts a little longer but its not as good as the lexol.i recommend both! ;)

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