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  1. All responses are welcomed favorable or not. But your response to this topic is just completely disrespectful. In the future if you do not post in that manner actions will be taken to Ban you form this site. Again I point out all responses are welcome favorable or not, but not in the manner you posted.
  2. You could look to the company called PIAA. I do understand that they make an HID kit.
  3. business executive/commuters are why the fail safes are in place. Lexus does not want anyone coming back on them. I can understand that. Besides, most people that are talking on the phone while driving do not appear to remember they are driving. Sorry, can't feel bad for you on this one.
  4. I am using the factory DVD changer.
  5. You may want to look into this more. I only know of the Nokia phone with the hands free unit for the factory stereo. This allows the user to listend and speak through the stereo, but i do not think it is anything other then the nokia. If you have other info, by all means please post it....
  6. follow the link below to the answer to your questions. You must look at the menu to your year of GS but you answer is there... http://www.lexus-parts.com/prodlist.asp?ModelID=13
  7. Please let me make this matter aclear on for you. The E.C.T. button does not use any more gas then if you were driving in a normal manner. What it does do is this. Under hard driving it will hold your gear until just before red-line. That is where you would lose M.P.G. not by having the power mode on but by using it....lol
  8. When you get done with the project please tell us what the total bill came to be....Good luck with your project...
  9. Depending on the year of your LX you may need to replace the seals. You may want to have them looked at by a dealer.
  10. You may want to go into the back seat of your car and mesure it...just an idea.....
  11. If money is an issue then just leave your car stock. To do the swap is going to run you around 10k. Do some looking into it and you will find that, that is what you are going to spend. Save you $$..IMO
  12. No Prob..I am looking at that site more and more. It makes me want to put a shopping list on my to do list...lol Did you look at the ABflug parts?
  13. I love my LX. I too was looking at the M class. Went fro a test ride. Did not like the blan feel of the SUV. Go for the LX You will be happy, i know i am....
  14. Whay flip down, Why not head rest. Its quick. Follow the link below and read up on Vizualogic. I have also taken a picture of my 03 Lx 470 with the Vizualogic head rest monitors. http://www.vizualogic.com/headrest_prod/mo...ailability.html
  15. Here is your answer. You should look into an aftermarket NAV system. There is noway anyone in the right state of mind would wnat to go and have one form the dealership installed unless you had deep pockets. Aftermarket is the way to go for your issue. Let me know if you would like to be pointed in the direction of a manufacture.....You have several ways to go...
  16. Try and find a tint the comes close to the rears. That is what i did and i think i cam e real close.
  17. Fllow the link below. This will help you.. http://www.mothers.com/retailers/
  18. This is a direct quote right out of my tech. manual. This should answer your question and then some...Hope it helps... Oil Pressure Gauge Interpretation Cold Start When and engine starts, all the oil is in the sump and the oil pressure is zero. The pump cannot begin to deliver oil or generate oil pressure until it has sucked up cold oil through the filter screen and the pick up tube. Hence, cold start lubrication is greatly assisted by having a short, wide pick up tube and oil that has very good cold flow properties. When the oil reaches the pump it is then forced through the filter and then through the engine. However, as the oil is still cold and the oil channels are very narrow, flow is slow and a large back pressure develops so that the pressure Gauge registers a dramatic pressure increase. As the oil circulates and warms up, it flows faster and the oil pressure declines to a stable level. It is only at this point that the engine is being properly lubricated. Until stable oil pressure is obtained wear rates are high due to inadequate oil delivery to the wearing surfaces. Under cold start conditions, a "good" oil is one which gives stable oil pressure the fastest. Normal Operation Under ideal circumstances, oil pressure should be stable and any large increase or decrease should be investigated for possible mechanical damage.
  19. http://www.howstuffworks.com/question90.htm/printable You may want to go to the link above and read about fules. I think this will calm you worries so to speak....
  20. Hey everyone. Just found a cool site with mostly JDM parts though some of you may enjoy looking it over. It is as follows: http://www.japanparts.com Click on the toyota sign for the toyota/Lexus models...very cool site...
  21. This is a new one on me.......lol I have no problems with my seats and when i take my father around (who just had back surgey 6 months ago) has never said his back hurts due to my seats. I hope every one with bad back feels better by the way....
  22. I found this for you. K&N offers a drop in type filter for your application. This filter would work well for your car. You may also want to put a 1.5 inch hole at the bottom of your airbox to allow a greater flow of air to enter the box. C.A.I. are not all they are put to be. This fact has been proven time and time agian. Hope this helps...
  23. This is going to be an option for the customer on the GS. The LS 430 will have this as a standard item. I have also been told by Toyota/Lexus Corp. That there also may be a back up sensor system offered as an option for the GS as well.
  24. I had this problem as well. I used some mothers plastic polish and the matter cleared right up. Try mothers. It worked for me.
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