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  1. i have a set for sale if anyone is interested :)
  2. the oem hid headlights are the same for 2000-2001. there is no "conversion".. these are oem parts and are a direct swap with your existing headlights.. since you already have the hids.. take one headlight off, put the other one on, and put the bulbs in.. headlight pin?
  3. khhoang sent me a pm on clublexus.. im registered here, but its been a loooong time hehe well.. i still have the headlights if you want them.. theyre in flawless condition.. pm me :) my email address is
  4. some old pics.. yea im a pic !Removed!.. well, that and i was bored..:whistles: and this one is 2+ years ago
  5. tire size is fine.. offset will determine whether it will fit & rub or not
  6. you can buy my 2001 hid headlight housings for $500 + shipping :)
  7. the official for sale thread:
  8. Exclusive front lip (frp material but perfect fitment) - $350 + shipping (i know it sells for $320 on l-tuned.. it was 350 shipped to my door, plus i waited 12 weeks.. you would be bypassing the whole wait time) TRD (Molly Designs) rear lips - $100 + shipping Exclusive replica side skirts (frp material but perfect fitment) - $350 + shipping buy the whole kit together and i will knock off $50 off the price!.. so the whole kit for $750 + shipping 2001 OEM Optional HID headlamps (just the housings, no bulbs or ballasts included) - $500 + shipping clear corners - $30 + shipping 2001 oem grille - $35 + shipping single din radio plate (tan in color) - $30 + shipping double din radio plate (black in color) - $50 + shipping windom badges (2 toyota emblems, 3.0G emblem, 2 large windom emblems (1 is an extra), 3 small windom fender badges (1 extra)) - $60 + shipping two (2) dunlop sp sport maxx tires - 235/35/19 (these go for $239each + shipping on - $400obo + shipping
  9. the harness for the inner trunk lights is shorter on the 97-99.. ive *heard* that you would need the harness from the 00-01 lights.. might want to double check though
  10. i didnt really want this to turn into a for sale thread, but ill make a thread with all the prices when im ready to sell everything :)
  11. never got around to buying 2 more.. theyre like $250 each on ← what kind of headlamps are those? details. ← 2001 optional hid headlights
  12. never got around to buying 2 more.. theyre like $250 each on
  13. thats always an option, but i want something with a bit more power and potential.. and i want something rwd
  14. yea i just gotta bite the bullet.. not much more i can do
  15. i was going to finish the car off by this winter.. but i might possibly be trading it in.. engine check light is on and theyre gonna do diagnostic tests tomorrow to see wtf is wrong.. im just fed up with some of the problems with it and some stuff that i wants to replace = $$$ and its just not worth it.. i might as well start fresh with something else.. but it will be a lexus, of course :)
  16. almost everything i needed to complete the exterior mods.. but sadly, everything might be up for sale by this weekend if all goes as planned.. it was a good run if anyone wants parts that i have either on my car or in my garage (pics i posted) then pm me to call dibs on em :) 19x8 lowenhart bs5 super crystals (super rare) (2) dunlop sp sport maxx 235/35/19 authentic evolution co. exclusive front lip replica evolution co. exclusive side skirts (perfect fitment) trd rear lips 2001 oem optional hid headlamps clear corners 2001 oem front grille and other misc stuff
  17. cool, ill check it out, thx man
  18. there was a lot of pen ink on my desk and i accidentally spilled my coke all over... the ink vanished right before my eyes.
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