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  1. i have a 95 es300 and i am looking for a 2 inch drop. eibach only makes a 1 inch drop, so i was wondering if anyone has dropped their es 2 inchs? also what is a good strut bar i know alot of people have them, so i was just wanting your input on what kind is the best, and where i can get it thanks
  2. i will let you know as soon as i get them, 19's are hard to come by ( especially nice looking ones )
  3. called a local place and they said i can fit 19's no problem and i can run 235-35-19 tires, and can still drop in an inch. but 20's you need to do a little bit of modification. so it sounds like 19's with a one inch drop for me :D
  4. he did no modifications at all, he is just running lower profile tires. i think he is running a 40 series tire. and he has like a 2 inch gap still. that is why i didn't think that there would be that much of a difference in the size of the wheel wells. i am going to call a place locally that puts on rims and lowers cars ( the same place that did his ) and see what they say.
  5. i think 19's will fit as long as you are running low profile tires. i know some one with either a 99 or 98 and they have 19's and it still could be dropped an inch. so i think that the wheel wells and all should be the same size. i just wasn't sure about 20's b/c he tried to put 20's on and they didn't fit with out ripping out the plastic wheel wells. but hoping to have 19's soon. so i will post pics when i get them
  6. i figured that you would have to run really low profile tires to fit them. if you get yours on before i do i would like to see a picture -- thanks
  7. i read it and it says i can fit 18's as the biggest that is why i was asking , b/c i know someone with the next body style with 19's and they don't rub and they did no modifications to the wheel wells. and the car still looks like it could be dropped an inch. i don't think that the size of rims/tires you can put on would change that much, if at all between the years. do you know if the wheel wells are the same size between the two body styles?
  8. i am looking to do a few mods to my 95, i was thinking of painting it all one color instead of pearl white/ silver and doing it all pearl white. has anyone done that on the same color as mine? and i am also going to be getting rims soon. i was just wanting some ideas of some things that some of you may have done. thanks :)
  9. i have a 95 es and i was just making sure that they will fit on my year, i know someone with the next body style ( i think it is a 98 ) and he has 19's on his. just double checking though. also if anyone has pics of 19's on their es or anyother model i would like to see them i still haven't decided on a set that i like yet. thanks
  10. i know that 19's will fit i know someone with them on theirs, i just don't like the style of them though. i was just wanting to know the lug pattern
  11. well those rims are ugly so they make it look really bad - but if it is alot of trouble to put them on i will probably go with 19's anyone with a pic of 19's on their es?? also what is my lug pattern? and some cars that have the same pattern as the es. thanks
  12. some one told me that 20's will not fit on my 95 es is that true? it doesn't seem like it would be a problem at most maybe some rubbing in the wheel wells. also could someone tell me what our lug pattern is and if they know of any other cars with the same lug pattern. and one more thing if anyone does have a 20's on there es i would like to see a picture. thanks :)
  13. i would have to save my money for something else... i'd say a Z28 camaro or a trans am they will easily run high 12's stock and you will save an easy 10K (i'm sad that they are not making them anymore
  14. mine does the same thing occasionally when i am running the ac it will make a loud swooshing noise not to sure what it is though i have a 95
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