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95 Ls Wheels


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Let me start by saying, it has been a 2 month ordeal to find wheels that fit this car because of the MASSIVE front calipers. I have spent over 10 hours at Les Schwab (over several days), but it is now over.

Traditional "look in the book" doesn't work. The wheels I ended up with are 18x8 FWD (yes FWD) +40 offset. I must say they DO look good! (and I have never anywhere seen an LS with them on...)

Les Schwab was wonderful the whole time, & get this, when I went out to look at it, I noticed that they had painted the hub & calipers black!! I didn't even ask them to!! Are they mind readers or what!! That was so cool!


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i like em too, the only concern i have with all aftermarket rims is that LS is a pretty heavy car and i'm afraid that they gonna bent or just brake if i hit a pothole.

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the type/quality/grade of metal used should tell you that.

oh man. theres nothing like seeing your name 11 times and 9 are in a row as latest posts on the LS forum main page :lol: simple things for simple minds i guess :rolleyes:

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Initial impression -

Had them for a couple days, intown driving so far, big trip coming in 2 weeks.

Almost imperceptable difference in noise & ride (a tribute to Lexus suspension I suppose). Been on road under construction, main streets, over railroad tracks. I am almost unaware of any difference!! AWESOME!

Thanks for the responses, I wanted a "not so bling", sport sedan kinda look, I totally agree with the resonse about understated/agressive, exactly the look I was after!

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