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Headlight Problem, Low Beams not working on 2012 RX 450h

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Both of the low beam headlights stopped working recently, and I can't seem to find any information that might be helpful to resolve the issue. I've checked the fuses for each side, and they are intact, do I would assume that because they both stopped working simultaneously that it would be a relay or ballast issue, and not light bulb or fuse. But I have exhausted my online search to find where the low beam relay would be located, to test and/or replace. Is there anyone who can identify the specific relay that controls the low beams? Or, am I asking the wrong question?

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It’s possible that the issue with your 2012 Lexus RX450h low beam headlights could be due to a few different factors. Here are some potential causes and solutions:

  1. Bulb Burnout: The most common reason for both headlights to stop working is simply that the bulbs have burned out. Even though it’s rare for both bulbs to burn out at the same time, it’s not impossible1. You might want to check the bulbs to see if they need replacing.

  2. Faulty Headlight Relay or Switch: A bad headlight relay or switch could also be the cause. If both headlights stopped working at the same time, this could be a likely culprit.

  3. Wiring Issues: There could be a problem with the wiring to the headlights. Corrosion, damage, or loose connections could all cause the headlights to stop working.

  4. Incorrect Bulb Type: Using the wrong type of bulb can also cause issues with the headlights.

  5. Fuse Issues: Even though you’ve checked the fuses and they seem intact, there might still be an issue with the fuse connections or the fuse box itself.


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Thank you for your response! I do understand that it is possible, but not likely that both bulbs could burn out simultaneously. However , my main focus is on the relay. But, I honestly have done a lot of research to identify the low beam relay, but I cannot find any information on how to find it

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Hi all,

I saw this thread here & don't know how old it is but I had a similar problem on my 2010 Lexus RX350. I believe this is similar to the RX450 in some regards....

Got it used in Dec.'23....After going thru the functions of it, I noticed my low beams didn't come on. I Checked bulbs (they were OK), wiring ( was ok, power there)  & the next thing I considered was the relay. But instead, I contacted the used car dealer I got it from & they had me take it to a place that specializes in Diagnosis of electrical problems. They were stomped also at first but we both than found the cause.

If you go in on the Nav screen, go to vehicle settings& vehicle customization, after you go down into the menus to the 'Light Settings' , there's a setting to turn on/off low beams. On mine, it was turned off, when I set it to 'ON', they worked fine. Previous owner may have shut them off, I don't know.

Hope this is of some help for you Newdadx2....

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