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  1. sha4000, was it hard to do? any problems? I'm going to do mine next week.
  2. 90LS400Lexus, I will keep the stiff KYB's for a while then change them out for OEM. Just hate paying for it twice!
  3. I have a '97 LS with 87k and I replaced the struts (shocks) and springs. I used Lexus springs but made the BIG mistake of using KYB shocks! It made it much stiffer than I wanted, but resolved the bottoming out problem that I had. So stick with Lexus parts whatever you do.
  4. I'm with GRAN LS 4, I regret not bumping up my price range. I have a '97 but the '98 has a bit more power and a newer look.
  5. I'll do the simple repairs, but not major ones like this. That picture scarred the crap out of me. I have not been that deep in a car in over 10 years.
  6. with Blake's comments, I know that I will be making a visit to my local dealer when I hit 90k to have all that taken care off. I'll just drive in bend over and take it like a man. OUCH!
  7. Nice sketch of the LS. I have heard that there is a possibility of a hybrid LS also, nothing in stone. Brother-In-Law works for Lexus and passed the info on to me.
  8. Good freaking luck getting the inside cleaned
  9. I dought that "Tommy T" ever came back. I won't loose any sleep.
  10. boaz65, IMO you won't see much of a differance as you will feel. You should see a differance after 2 or 3 layers of polish and wax. It's a lot of work but worth the end results. I have been using a QD and have like the results. Let us know what you do and your results.
  11. Hi Steve, what is LSP? I clayed my paint, polished it with 1Z (2 layers) then waxed it with #16 (2 layers). Should I use a sealer on top of that?
  12. 5 gallons of water and 3/4 cup of meguiars gold class soap. i get the smears whether i use a bath towel or a chamois. havent treid the microfiber yet. what do you mean no nap? Hi Armyofone, I had a similar problem and asked Steve about it. I can tell you right now that your 3/4 cup of meguiars has taken your wax right off. I think that Steve will agree that only a teaspoon for every gallon would work just fine, he might say less. I'll let Steve tell you about "nap." Mark
  13. I spoke with my brother-in-law this weekend (who is a "Master Mechanic" at a Lexus dealer). And he and I were talking about the new modles coming out, he said there is talk of a LS hybrid coming out for the 2007 model! Hope it is ture!
  14. I'll keep this very short. I would NEVER buy a Ford product EVER again. I'll take the car that does not have the fancy interior and will last several years longer any day.
  15. VGR, I have read other topics in the detail form and one talked about just this. The advice was to use a clay bar then paint polish. The clay bar should take care of the spots. Let us know what you do and the results. :)
  16. Bummer about the #16, I could not belive the way the water just rolled off. Just after I waxed it we had good rain and at 50 miles an hour the water could not stay on my car, it cool to watch it bead up and peal off. I just did the wifes 04 Sienna and it looks great. I took your advise and got a Porter cable polisher, easy to use and not dangerous. Any thoughts on giving a light color the "Wet" look? Glad to be back
  17. Hi Steve: I've been busy with work and family. Not much time for computer.
  18. I've spent alot of time claying, then polishing with Z1 paint polish and different waxes. Steve told me to try Meguiars 16, so I did. It is the most amazing wax I have ever used. Hard to use, but I have never seen water bead up like that in my life! The only thing that I would like to od is make my paint look a bit more "Wet." Does anyone have ideas on how to make a light color paint "Pop-out" more? Thanks
  19. I've got a 1997 LS 400 with just over 85,000 miles. I just replaced the struts and springs and now it deels better than new.
  20. What Is It? 2007 Lexus GS 450h What's Special About It? Today at the New York auto show in a private room above the show floor, Lexus pulled the wraps off its second luxury hybrid vehicle, the 2007 GS 450h. With its first luxury hybrid, the Lexus RX 400h SUV, rolling into dealerships this month, Lexus is wisely keeping up the momentum with the announcement of its plan to hybrid the recently redesigned GS sedan. Engineered as the first front-engine rear-wheel-drive hybrid, the GS 450h uses an all-new powertrain comprised of a 3.5-liter V6 with a high-output, permanent magnet electric motor. Although official numbers have not yet been released, Lexus claims the GS 450h will have more than 300 horsepower, or about the same as the V8-powered GS 430 and it will haul from zero to 60 mph in under 6 seconds. Expect only a few subtle clues to distinguish the GS 450h's look from the traditional gasoline-powered members of the GS lineup. A power meter replaces the tachometer to monitor gas or electric usage and special 18-inch alloy wheels are mounted at the sedan's four corners. The real difference in GS ownership, however, will come from the increased combined city and highway fuel economy, which Lexus says will hit the high 20s — the current GS 430's combined EPA rating is 21.5 mph. "Once again, we've applied our formula of no-compromise engineering, this time to a luxury sport sedan, which proves to us that hybrid powertrains can work superbly in virtually any application," said Lexus Vice President of Marketing Mark Templin. The Lexus GS 450h goes on sale in the spring of 2006, but pricing was not announced. What's Edmunds' Take? The long waiting list for a Lexus RX 400h proves even wealthy luxury car buyers give a hoot about the environment. The waiting list for the GS 450h should be even longer. — Kelly Toepke
  21. Meguires gold works just fine, just don't use very much of it. Only about 2 tablespoons of it in a 2 gallon bucket. I found that if you use to much of it (like I used to) the smooth glass feel of the wax goes away faster.
  22. B) havsone, SWEET looking wheels! I love the tail lights and front marker lights! Where did you get them
  23. Steve, you're 23. I'm 38 Here is what I owned: '73 Fiat X-19 '83 Chevy S-10 4x4 '91 Isuzu Impulse '73 BMW 2002 tii '87 Mazda RXZ (totaled that one) '92 Acura Legend and the best ride of all my '97 Lexus LS400
  24. Hey coolwater, sounds like a classic leaking master cylinder. I don't think that it would be a big deal to take it back to the dealer where you bought it form. Changing a master cylinder is not that difficult.
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