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  1. sha4000, was it hard to do? any problems? I'm going to do mine next week.
  2. 90LS400Lexus, I will keep the stiff KYB's for a while then change them out for OEM. Just hate paying for it twice!
  3. I have a '97 LS with 87k and I replaced the struts (shocks) and springs. I used Lexus springs but made the BIG mistake of using KYB shocks! It made it much stiffer than I wanted, but resolved the bottoming out problem that I had. So stick with Lexus parts whatever you do.
  4. I'm with GRAN LS 4, I regret not bumping up my price range. I have a '97 but the '98 has a bit more power and a newer look.
  5. I'll do the simple repairs, but not major ones like this. That picture scarred the crap out of me. I have not been that deep in a car in over 10 years.
  6. with Blake's comments, I know that I will be making a visit to my local dealer when I hit 90k to have all that taken care off. I'll just drive in bend over and take it like a man. OUCH!
  7. Nice sketch of the LS. I have heard that there is a possibility of a hybrid LS also, nothing in stone. Brother-In-Law works for Lexus and passed the info on to me.
  8. Good freaking luck getting the inside cleaned
  9. I dought that "Tommy T" ever came back. I won't loose any sleep.
  10. boaz65, IMO you won't see much of a differance as you will feel. You should see a differance after 2 or 3 layers of polish and wax. It's a lot of work but worth the end results. I have been using a QD and have like the results. Let us know what you do and your results.
  11. Hi Steve, what is LSP? I clayed my paint, polished it with 1Z (2 layers) then waxed it with #16 (2 layers). Should I use a sealer on top of that?
  12. 5 gallons of water and 3/4 cup of meguiars gold class soap. i get the smears whether i use a bath towel or a chamois. havent treid the microfiber yet. what do you mean no nap? Hi Armyofone, I had a similar problem and asked Steve about it. I can tell you right now that your 3/4 cup of meguiars has taken your wax right off. I think that Steve will agree that only a teaspoon for every gallon would work just fine, he might say less. I'll let Steve tell you about "nap." Mark
  13. I spoke with my brother-in-law this weekend (who is a "Master Mechanic" at a Lexus dealer). And he and I were talking about the new modles coming out, he said there is talk of a LS hybrid coming out for the 2007 model! Hope it is ture!
  14. I'll keep this very short. I would NEVER buy a Ford product EVER again. I'll take the car that does not have the fancy interior and will last several years longer any day.
  15. VGR, I have read other topics in the detail form and one talked about just this. The advice was to use a clay bar then paint polish. The clay bar should take care of the spots. Let us know what you do and the results. :)
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