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  1. Hi, I just wonder out of all the members on here if any of you are AIRWOLF Fans or Remember the Show. Heres something that might be of interest to any Fans :D Chips.
  2. Hi and Welcome to LOC :) Happy Motoring with your new car. Chips..
  3. Hi, The only picture ive seen of your car is the one in this post,looking closer at the picture it looks as though the wheels are level with the wheel arch,was there no option of a better wheel offset so the wheels could sit more inside of the wheel arch?. The other option might be to have the inside of the wheel arches rolled giving a little more clear clearance then it might be possible to lower the car. Your car does look nice with the 20s ;) Chips..
  4. Hi, The car just needs lowering now and it will look Cool B)
  5. Hi and Welcome to LOC :) Have a look through the UK site,if theres not a answer in the IS section already post up,there a friendly lot and should be able to answer your questions. Good Luck. Chips..
  6. Hi, Myself when changing a timing belt its worth changing any pulleys that show signs of wear at the same time or all the work you have done is done for nothing if something breaks as in your case. Id put money on valve damage to your engine. Chips
  7. Hi, Dont take it to heart what Clarkson says,he does it to get a reaction and it looks like he got one if your talking about him.He upsets nearly everyone over here in the uk at some point :D He has something to say about everything The show must be doing something right as on another channel they have 5th Gear,a week later they nearly always copy something from the show. Heres some links for Topgear if you enjoy the Show. Chips..
  8. Thats for the info,think that could the trouble ive got with my car.I have the same warm start with my car..
  9. Hi, Ive read your other post about it being the fuel pump thats been causing the warm/hot start... Thanks for the update,ive had the same warm/hot start problem with my car since i bought it over a year ago and ive just lived with the problem up until now ;) Same symptoms as youve talked of...Car Always starts fine from cold and if its left running then no problems.If you stop the engine for afew minute when its warm then mine always started ok but the engine idle would fall away after afew seconds then the engine would seem to miss then stop...Leave the engine for a minute or so and it was start fine and be no trouble...Ive been told it could be the idle control valve (nearly £400 over here in the uk).I didnt want to spend that sort of money to find after that i still had the same problem. Someone said the fuel pump could be the problem,but i thought a fuel pump normally work or dont.. Glad youve got the starting problem sorted out and i will let you know i get on with my car. Cheers chips..
  10. Hi, Nothing to worry about its common across the Lexus range,its a pressurerised system.. chips..
  11. Hi, Like steveuk says its over one pound per litre over here in the uk :chairshot: and most of that is tax straight into the governments pocket.It cost me £70 to fill my fuel tank up the other day Try living in Rip Off Britain. chips..
  12. Heres a video along the same lines as the Honda Advert.. Chips..
  13. Hi and Welcome to the LOC :) How are you getting on with your new motor? chips..
  14. Lovely Clean car Happy motoring chips..
  15. Congratulations with buying your New car... Any pictures for us :) chips..
  16. Hi, This might be of some help.. Pay attention to the upper ball joints as there not cheap to replace,push and pull the wheel from the side of the car,if there worn the wheel will have slight movement like its a wheel bearing,if you look at the upper ball joint as you do this you can see it move if theres wear. If the air bag light is whats above,also if the dash/speedo clocks have been removed (maybe the mileage has been clocked)that will make the airbag warning light come on... Heres a quick cheap fix to get the light to go out.. Cheers chips..
  17. Car looks Mint fella ;) Well looked after
  18. Did anyone catch it? Whats think of it chips..
  19. Hi, What model/series LS do you have? you dont say in your profile.. Mine was the mk1 and i found because of the small size front discs it was very easy to warp them,in just normal driving with very little heavy braking,if its a mk1 id think about a upgrade of the disc size. cheers chips..
  20. Hi, You may or may not of heard of the DR Ive been a Fan since i was a Kid....Then the show was Binned... Then last year they brought it back...Better than Before :o I Wasnt Sure if they could Relaunch it and be any Good But i watched from week to week and was Hooked. Dont Think Anyone could have played the DR better. I ended up buying the Complete series on DVD. Starts in March 06.. Its Coming Your Way!! Heres the All the Video Clips you will need to bring you up to speed.. Enjoy... Spread the Word. Cheers chips.
  21. Hi, Im not into stickers or decals on cars so id have to take them off.To be honest i didnt read all the advert and not totally up to speed with all mods. Ive owned the mk1 Jap import version of the GS300 for a year now..myself id look out for one of them if you could get a lefthand drive for where you live...mines called a Toyota Aristo same car in shape as the GS300 and they do a mk2 version as well.Its as near dam it the Supra RZ Engine in the mk1 and i think the VVTi in the mk2.. Mines standard but puts out 300Bhp at the fly wheel.Its Twin Turboed and theres just so much torque everywhere in the rev band.These single turbo convertions tend to have more power once there spinned up but from what ive read theres loads of turbo lag. Hope that helps fella. Cheers chips.
  22. If theres ever a question un answered on the UK LOC i always give them a link to you guys Tell them you know your stuff ;) Glad another problems been solved. Cheers chips.
  23. Hi, On the UK LOC site at the bottom right of any thread theres a "Todays Active Posts" to click on rather than have to scroll back to the top of the page. Im not lazy :D just missed the option on this site :) Cheers chips.
  24. Mike, you are so right. There were three broken wires white, yellow and black. Somehow the transmission ECU must have getting a reverse signal that prevented up-shifting. Also solved the problem of no function on the trunk realese and the bulb out indicator on the dash turned on when no bulb was out. Thanks for the in-put. And thank you Chipps as well. Sam ← Glad you got the problem sorted out. These guys on here do know there stuff B) :)
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