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Urine Odor

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So i was wondering if anyone can tell me how to fix this problem. I have a 98 es300 and whenever i put on the AC or turn on the fan with air getting let in from outside, the air from the "vents" smells like urine. If I have the air circulate within the car, then the smell is not bad.

Is my nose just playing psychological games or do i need to check some sort of filter somewhere? anyone know? please help, i'm about to die of suffocation soon cause i have 2 hour commutes everyday! and summer is about to start!

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Definately a mold issue. This happens to me whenever spring rolls around and I use the A/C again. Use a product like was mentioned above or even Lysol to kill the barteria, just spray it down in the cowl at the top of the hood where the air is taken in.

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a cat or squirrel may have *BLEEP*ed on your windsheild acumilating at the base of the window inside the shroud

which is where the inlet for the a/c is

those products do help alot if the heat is never turned on every so often if useing the a/c for a while

you might want to go to a power washer first and run the hose for about a few minutes with the soapy water to loosen any dried deposits if it still persists then try the products to remove the residuale

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This is a common problem with Lexus and AC units when the evaporator fins and cooling fan fins aren't allowed to dry.

Lexus can clean out the entire system, but that will be many ducats ($$$$).

I have heard some people say run it on the highest temp for a while (30 minutes) to dry/burn it out.

I have heard of spraying in lysol, fabreeze, and other liquid odor removers.

The ac filter should definately be replaced, the bacteria/mold is probably in the filter fibers and growing.

(My friend Beth had an odor of popcorn when she used the heat. It was a mouse nest that cooked. Don't know if the mice where BBQed. The dealer cleaned that all up.

Funny note, same dealership had to remove a partially rotted skunk from her front strut. They told her to take it to the dealer closer to her house next time.)

When you do clean it out, to help prevent it from coming back, it is a good idea to run the fan for about 30 seconds WITHOUT the AC engaged before shutting down the car. This will help evaporate any accumulated moisture that may promote future or continued growth.


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