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  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its running!! Im gonna let it go for like 15 minutes, then go to kragen and get a treatment. Thank you KWV, saved me having to get a tow, and pay for inspection! Brian :)
  2. it WAS rainin all day!!!!!!!! I thought that too! ill go outside and try it right now! Thx for tha info KWV
  3. I use 91 octane most always, the last Tank i use 89, I had just filled up the tank with 91 drove around for a bit, went home for a few hours, then went back to my car and there was the problem...
  4. Hey Guys. long time no see. Ive been SUPER bizy with school and working. AND on my way to work, i go outside to start my car and *Veroom... dub dub dub (low !Removed! rpm's) dead...* Now when i try to start it, the only way to keep it going is to rev the gas, when i let off the gas, it dies.... :( If ya remember, i have a 1997, im depressed cause i just did my taxes and have to pay $400... Anybody know an eazy fix (probably won't be one) otherwise i gotta get it towed to my mechanic and let them have at it! Thanks guys! Brian
  5. Wow. crazy new browzer. took me a few minutes to see find the "reply" buttons! lol Srs lights are weird these days. Do ya have Side airbags on your 99' ??? If ya lean on the sides of your seats, they light will turn on and not deploy if you get in an accident. Maybe you're sitting funny? Good luck dude, Brian
  6. http://www.auto-couture.com/catalog/lexus/gs430cv/ They are in there! if that helps? :)
  7. Hey. my dad just got an 04 gs300... it gonna be chrome underneath? It might be a nice xmas gift if i could chrome the grill for him without messing up his new ride. Thanks! Brian
  8. I can't find the Ltune homepage. did TRD get rid of it?
  9. My dad's 89~90 es250 had a First Aid Kit, and my 97' es300 has one I didn't know there were lexus' that came without!
  10. aggie, Where do you live? Because Cold for southern California (where i live) is 55F. I have a 97' and haven't had too many shift hesitation when i start up the car (i have almost 75k miles). Does it keep happening on cold startups, or does it only happen when it is REALLY cold outside? ~Brian~
  11. Hey Guys, im a 97' es300 owner on the ES Threads, but my DAD is gonna get a 2004 GS300, anything we should look out for, or be awear of??? THanks! ~Brian~
  12. HAHAHA, SK JUST beat me to it Looks like we are all skimming the boards right now! Get some sleep!! Good Night
  13. FOUND IT!!! I Looked through bunch of old posts, and finally found it! Auto Couture There ya go!!! I know a guy who does fiberglass and carbon fiber work, so he told me to bring my car in and he'll let me know what can be done! But, i don't have much $$$ right now so who knows... Good luck mate! ~ProZac~
  14. HAHAHAHA H8r Proof Are you scared that i might come find you?!@!?!?@?@#$ hehehe :D j/k No worries. I live in Orange County California!! WHOOT CALI WHOOT!!! lived here my whole life. and YES Orange County, just like the new show "THE OC"! My sis has actually been in the show several times as an extra! I love the Beach and I love the sun! Wouldn't wanna move for anything! BUT Stupid Gov Gray Davis is trying to ruin the state before he gets kicked out, which he honestly deserves! Brian!
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