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  1. :o Oh push it too far and you will need to focus on a ton of other (expensive areas ) How much boost do you have? What is the name of your kit? I have a (99) SRT kit. I found problems with the manifold design. In some cases you may be able to look into your manifold design, pipe sizes, down pipe size from turbo. Those are areas to look at for more power. What kind of injectors do you have? Most kits are set up for up to about 8lbs, though 6 is safe on a N/A motor. What about motor work? Pistons, rods? Pullys? Let me know what your shootin for and what you got. We can look over som
  2. Hey guys. Phantom Motor Sports here in Utah is doing all the work. I have the 99 GS ( silver ) with dark silver tribal flames painted in. ( I think that was some good ol Utah red neck idea that kicked in) I was running the SRT t-4 turbo stage 3. I had the boost around 8 lbs. I broke the rings on the 3rd piston about 6 months ago. I am not sure if it was boost or the way the SRT manifold kit is set up? I have custom built the manifold into a longer barrel design to get more "even" pull from the manifold rather than the closest piston to the turbo. I replaced the crank, pistons, rods, with for
  3. :P I am so happy to see cash spent on a car......I am in about 10,000 with my GS. I put in the Level 10 trany and re-built my 2JZ-GE to a GTE using the original 99 motor with a SRT turbo and custom built turbo manifold. What a job! My wife and kids hate wife won't let me drive her car while mine is getting the final touches. I have been walking to work.... I thought Japanese girls would understand this kind of stuff....I guess I met the wrong Japanese woman? I also have a a few more goodies to produce the RWHP@ 400! I also have a few issues to work over on the original set up for t
  4. Well now....I am not sure what to think.....odd........very very well? .......odd I thik I have to pee....... :whistles:
  5. B) Ok just put two and two together. Have we met? spoke on the phone? You were at SEMA at the Junction Booth.......? ( this car right ) I took some photos with this car along with my brother and some other older Japanese guy. I spoke Japanese with him for a while. I lived in Japan and loved my copies of VIP. Well I dreamed and drooled on them I need a fusa in white one is dead. Thanks man LEXO ( Jason in Utah )
  6. :o I hate when they have to put their name on our car.... It is not painted on right? most dealers will not go to that extent..... So try to find an edge. Get out the hair dryer on low, touch over until it is warm not hot! and see if you can get a corner started with your finger nail.... it will have to be a thin vynal decal.... afterwards use some fine polish to finish the job off and remove any sticky stuff with goo gone...Hey the best way just for *BLEEP*s and giggles to get off emblems is soapy water and dental floss..... LEXO ;) If the sticker has been on a while the spot may be off c
  7. do you have any HP upgrades? I like the light weight feel of an 18" on my trany... But to the question at hand. I have some 20"s with a 1.75 drop. If you use the correct offset you should get away with a 8.5 wide wheel upfront and up to a 10" wide wheel in back. I run a 245 on the front with a 275 on rear. Lsportline has a great ap for our car. I also love the feel and look on the new ( I hope I spell this correct ) Mahdi Caesar that is made by 5zigen.... They have a mix and match off set and sizing to bolt on with a correct fit and look. It will cost you around 4,000.00 but well worth it! Go
  8. Hey Lexo is back....It has been a while since I wrote. I have been to hell and back.......I have rebuilt the entire motor. rebuilt the turbo, Cutom built my manifold system, rebuilt my trany ( that was an education) I have had my baby in the shop for 4 months. I don't remember what it looks like. I found a ton of issues on the trany build. I found some cool shops to help me out as well. I think I may know a few more things about this car than I knew before this all started 4 months ago Just wanted to say hi, and let everyone know I am still here and if they have any questions about any upg
  9. Big question guys...Ok all the non turbo folk can read another post. The 2jz-GE is a VVT-i motor. Now with us all knowing what this is, the cause of my blown motor may have been due to incorrect timing. About 5 months ago the speed shop installed a MSD ign along with a DTS-4 timing mod. This has a tube that connects to my boost control. I assume it reads boost levels and corrects the timing as to boost. Now a stock motor with 10lbs boost may be a bit much? Not sure but the problem with my motor started soon after this was installed. They said it was a safe guard. It was to pull timing out at h
  10. First shoot em in the sure not to spill any blood on the car. Then shoot in the upper leg, this way he has about 10 min to make it to the Hospital on his own. If he looses too much blood and dies on the way it was clearly suicide and not your problem..... I would take it over to the dealer. The key is tricky and will require some TLC to be sure it is correct. Besides the insurance should cover.....I hope? :(
  11. :o Ok,with all the motor rebuilding I am doing I guess some focus should be on the trans. The shop is worried it has that burned up smell like the plates are on the way out. I have always has some clunking gearing down or going into gear a bit. it shifts hard under boost..... For the most part it has changed gears, not slipped or had any grinding. No vibrations or stuck gears. It does have a burnt like smell. The fliud was changed about 4 months ago and the Lexus dealer said it was in fine shape? I asked about the smell the shop told me about. He said they use a Lexus synthetic type. He did no
  12. Hey man good to hear from you! 68,000 is all. I have a feeling the car was having problems before the turbo. The turbo was on for a year. The car was more than drivable, but wanted to build the motor anyway....just not this soon I guess. I am not too sure tuner shops here in Utah realy know what the hell their doing. It was cylinder number 3 that had 70% blow by. The other were at 99~100%. Man this is going to put me right back into debt with this car......I plan on doing the trans while the motor is out. :) I hope it will run good after this is all done.... I am replacing the pistons with th
  13. :o Well this wek started out with a blown motor. Yep, the ol 10 lbs boost did the number on my stock motor. Well on to the (built motor) We started today. Motor is out, wires all over hell! I hope all this stuff goes back together I was also informed the trans is stinky. A good indication it's about shot as well? The shop is saying build it too while were here! I am not sure what is involved with this. I know I am out of cash and the motor is going to be put together right this time. What simple but good mods are needed? How or what can be done to build the trans to hold the new motor and 12~
  14. Thanks guys! I have the SRT Turbo. I run the MSD and MSD boost/timing mod. I have all stock motor. I run about 10lbs boost. it puts down to the rear about 300 hp. It has ran great. I just tuned up the turbo and checked all the seals. It is oil fed. The turbo ( LUCKY ) turned out fine. I can see the oil dripping from the PVC valve tube( the hose from the PVC valve) It may just be shot! the motor runs fine! The spark plugs are clean. I see no reason for the motor to be shot! The oil is clean as well ( not dirty ) Hell if it is???? then here comes the supra swap! Dont care what it costs well ma
  15. :o Oh Boy, I hope I am not in as bad as shape as I fear! I run around 9~10 lbs boost with my fairly stock motor. It has ran great. I noticed a real bad oily turbo a few months back. I replaced the seals, cleaned out my piping and put it all back together. The oil came back? Since all is new and clean I could run the motor and check for leaks and other ( oh crap ) items I may have forgot to put back on! I found the oil! it drips like an IV from the hospital. I noticed good pressure pushing out as well. ( keep in mind this all came about in a day or so, and the motor runs, idles and sounds fine!
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