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    • Ok first I have to complain, the "i'm not a robot" captcha wanted me to click on all images with motorcyles but wouldn't let me through till I clicked the image that was clearly a moped XD Ok seriously now, I got my car back from the shop after doing a t-belt (been there for two weeks) and the car has sat for several months while waiting to get that started, wasn't in a hurry to do it so the car just sat un-driven. So I've had the car for four days and I heard a horn honking a few times but didn't realize it was me...so when I get out I lock the doors and shut them and about a minute later the horn is honking/lights flashing. I’ve locked the doors with the driver door open and pushing the lock button and I’ve unlocked and locked from the outside using the metal key. Either way after a minute it starts going off. It will usually go off two times then not do it again, noticed this while at the parts store, didn't realize it was my car doing it though at the time. Also it's an '06 note; 1. bought it used....key fob starts the car but doesn’t lock/unlock/open anything. 2. been having a bad parasitic draw, if the car sits for 2 days it needs a jumpbox (been driving it all week everyday though so no starting issues) Also on this note, thought I had turned the smartkey off to help diagnose the draw, not sure if that plays in...the draw was #1 on my list of things to solve this weekend but now this alarm issue is 3. brand new car battery 4. I do have the red triangle with “!” and a “low tire” warning (tires aren’t low though) At work or when I am home I can leave it unlocked but when I go other places I need to lock it up but the alarm goes off once or twice. Any ideas?
    • No problem, your welcome.
    • All bets are off if your RX was designed for Hawaii and originally sold by Servco.  I thought it had mostly ended by 2008 but at one time Lexus vehicles sold in Hawaii were quite different from those sold on the U.S. mainland and had more in common with those sold in Taiwan. I've bought a number of additional keys over 24 years of Lexus ownership.  The keys have always been somewhat expensive but the programming was always done in a couple of  minutes at no extra charge while I watched.  I hope you didn't buy a key somewhere else and then expected a Lexus dealer to program it.
    • I bought my RX 350 while I was l living in Hawaii in 2008.  I moved back to the madland, aka mainland and tried to get a replacement ignition key made but no one can program it using standard directions.  Of course the dealer can but that's over $400 here.  My question is, do cars made in Japan have a different programing sequence than those assembled somewhere else?  Help, my remaining key is about to fall apart.
    • I'm having the same problem on a 99 GS 300
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