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UX300H just got and First impressions

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Alas there is no 'ux 300' page on the forums, but I thought I would comment on my new Lexus.

I just got my ux300h this tuesday. Here are some of my first impressions:

1. LOTS of gadgets (I came from a 2012 ct200h!)
2. I got the 10/year/12,000$ 'gadget breaks $7000 repair bill' lottery ticket
3. I like the drive, and being higher
4. I DONT LIKE the expensive tires $450.00! And a VERY concerning "These tires only last 20,000 miles"
5. I got the tire insurance
6. GREAT manuals (Its nice to see these in 2024!)
7. VERY nice android auto experience nary a blip.
8. The charger (wireless) seems a bit weak, but it seems to work
9. LOTS of usb C( YEA) ports (2)
10. Lexus safety 3.0 functions seem mostly good, adaptive cruise control nice, lane assist, not so much
11. I LOVE the position of the screen, its the first in car screen that I haven't hated.
12. Nice ride, but like most ux'es its a bit noisy on the road (ride that is).
13. GREAT mic for cell phone, the first one I have EVER had in a car that doesn't sound like a tin can!
14. I would have liked a pHEV, but they were NX only and WAY spendier than I wanted.
15. NICE auto dim for the high beams and automatic lights.

Its a nice color, and I mostly like it, but I was sad it wasn't an AWD model. I do get better gas mileage, and since its North Carolina we don't exactly have evil winters. The cruise control takes some getting used to WAY too many buttons, but it seems to work once you read the manual. And I do like the moving the garage homelink under the rear view mirror. Its hard getting used to after 12 years of having my old video screen in the rear view mirror.

If I were to give it stars, so far **** and minus 1 because of very expensive run flat tires.

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