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  1. I have a brand new set of four Denso Iridium spark plugs part# FK16HR-A8 3484, still in the box, that I bought for my 2013 ES300h that I never installed. I was waiting for the car to hit 120k miles but I just traded it in on an LC 500 and the time has expired for me to send them back to Amazon for a refund. There's no point in me hanging onto these so if anyone can use them they're yours for $25 shipped. They currently cost $11.48 each ($45.92 for four) on Amazon. Just let me know where you want them sent. Everett
  2. Just fyi, today I called the local Lexus dealer to get confirmation that my 1000 and 5000 mile services are free (they are) and out of curiosity I asked what the price is for the 30k service and 60k service. He estimated the 30k service at $700, the brake fluid flush is the biggie there, and the 60k service is $1400. It gets a brake fluid flush, rear diff fluid change, coolant flush, and new spark plugs. I asked if they have ever done either one and he laughed and said no, no one around here has put that kind of miles on an LC yet! I waxed the car yesterday and in the process I discovered
  3. Thanks Dave, that's what I was looking for! Headed to the IMSA 6 Hours at Road Atlanta this weekend and should have ample opportunity to 'exercise' the LC and the paddle shifters along the way.
  4. Many thanks for the input Doug. I saw an earlier post where it was suggested to change out the run flats for regular tires and I suspect I will do that as well. I've noticed that there is a certain type of pavement where the road noise is pretty bad, significantly louder than the ES300 that I traded in, and I suspect the tires are somewhat responsible. Thankfully on any other type of pavement the LC is whisper quiet. I too like to tinker and I wonder if many LC owners are DIY-ers. I prefer to do my own routine maintenance because I like to see firsthand what's happening with the car
  5. Hello, Just purchased an almost new LC and although it will be a while before I have to do any maintenance other than oil changes I'm wondering what you folks have been doing. Since the front tires are a different size than the rears is there a need to rotate the tires from side to side at regular intervals? Does anyone here change their own oil and filters (air, oil, and cabin) and are there any 'gotchas' to be aware of? Also wondering what products you prefer for cleaning and protecting the leather? And what about cleaning the carbon fiber door sill covers? I vaguely remember years ago
  6. You'd think so but for some reason the local dealer only searches a 500 mile radius. Thanks for the thoughts on the black interior. I assume the preponderance of the Camel tan reflects consumer preference but I'm curious whether that preference is based on practicality or purely on emotion. I wouldn't have even given it much thought if not for all the Youtube videos of people gushing about the tan interior. Having said that I'm also happy to report that we ended up buying an Infrared with the Camel interior. We found a virtually new 2020 model with 1700 miles that was loaded up with options a
  7. Hello, Just wondering if anyone has noticed a red LC with black interior at their local dealer, preferably in the Southeast US. I've been monitoring Autotrader for a while but not having much luck and I'm not aware of any means to search Lexus dealer inventories other than pulling them up one at a time. It would be nice if there was a national Lexus database that's searchable. If you're aware of a red LC with black interior on a dealer lot in your locality please post a reply. On a side note, am I the only one that wants a black interior? Is brown interior just that popular and black
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