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  2. So got a reply, said any Toyota dealer can do lease work on a Lexus if no Lex dealer available. Now we know and knowledge is power! 🙂
  3. 2000 RX300 AWD transmission ceased engagement in forward and reverse. When started cold I could get it to move a little. Repair shop says "the valve body won't hold pressure". I have noticed other posts suggesting cleaning the filter might help get some more miles out of the car. The car is not worth the price of a rebuilt transmission but if I can coax a little more life out of it by a simple cleaning I will. I really like the car but for the price of a rebuilt trans I can upgrade to a newer model.
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  5. Hello everyone. I have an 01 LS430 and noticed that when I am driving and step on the accelerator "punch it" I am getting a cloud of exhaust in my rear window deck. If I am driving around at normal speeds with normal acceleration there is no problem. Has anyone else experienced this?
  6. Yesterday
  7. New guy here. I have a 95 sc400. Anybody know where I can get brand new (not pre-owned) headlight assemblies? I've been constantly searching with no luck. Can only find pre-owned.
  8. sha4000

    Problem with alternator

    Yes the old alternator probably damaged the battery.
  9. Anyone ever find a solution to this???
  10. Last week
  11. raymond123

    How to replace dashboard mirror switch

    My control works well on the passenger side but not so much on the driver side . Lexus quoted me a price of $400.00 for the fix , an auto repair shop wants to replace the mirror assembly -cost 460.00
  12. mberesn

    ABS alarm

    I hope you find out. I bought an 02 with 150k. They installed new tires and I am having issues with a check engine light that all the codes are directed to ABS issues. The module and booster was replaced prior to me buying the truck. The truck brakes fine and all the trac stuff works great in the snow still (I live in Vail CO... LOTS of snow this season) But we are stumped on the Check engine light. Looking to get new rims for it, I hope this doesn't cause more issues? Good luck.
  13. Lexus Owners Club

    04 Ls430 navigation/stereo modifications

    Physical fit is first thought and secondly you would almost certainly have to code it into the vehicle CanBus for it to work.
  14. Hi Blaise Many thanks for the superb guide and I'm sure plenty of members will find this useful. Cheers, Trevor
  15. Henry Mondragon

    IS250c hitch

    Allen and Jeff -- yes, the trailer hitch that works with my old iS250c is still available. Sorry, for not responding earlier. I had knee replacement Nov 1 and haven't been paying attention to much else! Make me an offer! I paid over $200 for it and would love to get about $100, but will let it go for a good offer. Hawk (email me at
  16. Lexus Owners Club


    Hi Rob....welcome to the Forum I have tried some kits for imported vehicles from Japan and they fitted rather well...just didn't look that good! I think its a case of 'you get what you pay for' with fitted seat covers. But cannot comment on Lseat as never come across them. Let us know how you get on with it Cheers, Trevor
  17. Tom Bocian

    Remote Start

    I decided to go with an Installer in Toledo, Ohio. A very good Auto electronics and remote starters in West Toledo. They are called Tas Electronics on Monroe St. They quoted me a Remote start with 2 New Fobs and Smart Phone enabled. No transponder key needed, just use existing keys to start Lexus RX350 as usual. $325.00 + Tax.
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  19. The retractable roof on my 2010 IS250 C would not go up. There is a message that says the operation is suspended. I'm wondering if the motor is shot and if I can manually close the top.
  20. I ended up buying the Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus BL (235/45R18). Has a 94V rating and 70,000 mile warranty. Got a good deal on them as well. I've had these for about a couple of months now and I must say the are a good ride. Very quiet and good performance.
  21. Finally after months and months of trying different approaches to cure my Lexus 460s hesitations and sudden lack of power (limp mode style) have found the reasons why (in my case ) a collapsed tension pulley.. the cars knock sensor was picking up the intermittent vibrations my broken pulley was making and thus regarding the timing.. end result engine sounds and feels smoother and feels like all the 380 bhp are alive and kicking like they should be.. very happy with Lexus of Bolton UK for eventually finding the culprit..
  22. mberesn

    Nerf bars & Rims

    Looking to get my 2002 a face lift with rims and more off road style nerf bars. I am having a hard time finding simple steal black rims. and a simple off road nerf bar preferable with a step. Any help or direction would be helpful.
  23. GP Sydney Australia

    Rotten Egg Smell

    Hello everyone, I recently discovered how to fix a 'rotten egg' smell in the cabin on my 2007 Lexus IS250, which was driving me crazy. I had mentioned it to the Lexus dealership, when the car was in for service, without satisfaction........they palmed me off saying that the car was running perfectly and that the smell was a common issue with my model Lexus. Well that's not good enough Lexus !!! I was hell-bent of finding a solution, read up on various web links that it could be the catalytic converter, etc. etc. ........but guess what, it's not that difficult to fix ! It was purely the case of blocking off a couple of air-vents in the boot of the car, which are badly designed by Lexus, that let exhaust gasses into the cabin. They are poorly designed with a gravity operated plastic flap, that having deteriorated over time, no longer seals the vents to prevent exhaust gasses from being sucked back into the car. See video link here below on how to DIY change/repair this vents at home. I simply blocked them off with a thin piece of plastic cut-to-size and glued into position. Now, no more smell, even under heavy acceleration..........happy motoring !!! DIY: Lexus ISF IS250 IS350 rear duct vent replacement - YouTube
  24. Does anyone know of a downloadable service manual for a 2014 is 250 out there is cyber space that is free? Thanks in advance, Scott
  25. Mark hood

    2014 lx570 map

    Hi all, i have ordered the sd card but can’t find any info on updating my map... any help would be appreciated mark
  26. Heres a step by step video I made on how to install the LS400 brake calipers onto the IS300 Click here the video
  27. Well, I'm back. After driving fine for a few days, the car started idling rough again today. I pulled the code, assuming it was probably P1354 again. However, that is NOT one of the codes this time - now it's P0300, P0302, P0304 and P0306. I will have to check my paperwork, but I believe I had the corresponding ignition coil replaced less than 3 years ago. Anyone have any recos? Seems weird that this happened right after P1354 and was hoping for advance before I go on a wild goose chase. Thanks!
  28. Just picked up a 2014 IS 250. I keep the fog lights switched to the "on" position all the time, and when I place the headlights to the "auto" position, everything comes on and then after a couple seconds, the fog lights turn off. When I then turn the headlight to the normal on position, the fog lights come back on and stay on . Is this normal? It does not seem as though it would be. Thanks for any assistance, Scott
  29. I am looking for a set of rims for my black Lexus RX 350. What do you guys think of this seven-spoke, black machined Niche Rims Verona M150?
  30. Well, guess what. I drove the car to autozone while the voltage was down to 13.5 and they put their tester on it and confirmed, another dead Alternator/voltage regulator. This is quickly becoming ridiculous. I have lost count on the number of alternators I've put in/out. This time i'm going to ask them to bench test the new one before I leave the store. This one was dead out of the box, acted like this from the moment I started the car. And once again, never a bad battery idiot light !!!!! Guess I need to look for a nicer looked permanent volt meter :o(
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