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  2. The radio in the 2006 ES was "XM capable" and had the AM/SAT button but the XM tuner was optional. You may need to verify whether or not your radio has the optional XM tuner if you are not sure that it does. I assume that an aftermarket compatible XM tuner is still available if you need one. They were available on eBay for many years for $249.
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  4. I suppose the beeper module itself could have failed but I've never known of one failing. When I searched a parts number cross reference, it looks like the same beeper module is used on just about every vehicle that Toyota makes including our Sienna and Prius. The part number appears to be 89747-30040 and the part is called the "BUZZER, WIRELESS DOOR LOCK" in the parts list. The parts diagram for your car doesn't show exactly where it's located - somewhere in the left front fender area? Do you own or have access to just about any other vehicle made by Toyota? If you do, you could switch in the beeper module from another vehicle to see if yours has failed. I just now went out to the garage, raised the hoods on our Sienna and Prius, and then pressed the unlock buttons on their keyless fobs. The beeps "seem" to be coming from inside the engine compartment fuse boxes on the driver side but I'm not certain and it's too cold in the garage for me to want to investigate further. If the beeper is not inside the fuse box, it is very nearby.
  5. So I have been looking everywhere for manuals but cant find anything. I want to remove the woodgrain on the front dash of my 97 sc300 so I can wrap it. Do I have to remove the whole dash?
  6. According to the "Lexus Navigation Map Update Quick Reference Guide", the generation 6 hard drive based navigation system in the 2010-2012 Lexus HS250h is updated by a Lexus dealership technician using a master DVD and the "NUT" (navigation update tool) through the USB port. It's not something you can do yourself. The updates are available only at Lexus dealers. I'm surprised that map updates have been discontinued. The pattern has been that map updates have been discontinued 9 years after the last model year in which a navigation type was installed. That would be 2013 for the Lexus GX. Based on the pattern, I would expect that 2022 would be the last year that updates for your HS would be available. Who told you that map updates have been discontinued? I suggest you call Lexus corporate customer service and ask if navigation updates for your HS are available but without telling them that someone had previously told you that they have been discontinued.
  7. There are other brands but the 3M paint protective film we have on our vehicles is wonderful stuff. We will definitely have protective film on all future vehicles. You don't have to get it from a Lexus dealer. There are lots of shops that install this stuff. A friend took his new Porsche to a shop here in Kansas and had most of its front end covered with film. Even with film, people have mentioned that it is still necessary to clean the love bugs off quickly since it can still be difficult to remove them after they've dried on to the film. Here's an image from the Lexus website.
  8. Now that you mentioned it, I remember once noticing that the trunk of one of the LS400's we owned from 1990 until 2014 didn't seem to get as hot or cold as exterior temperatures. I never thought much about it although there might have been cutouts in the metal structure under the parcel shelves that passed interior airflow to the trunks. I distinctly remember the exhaust vents in the trunks but all vehicles built by Toyota have those. The attached image shows the left side one on the LS430. With the flight to SUV's and crossovers, far fewer vehicles with separate closed off trunks are being sold these days. I don't see us ever buying another traditional sedan with a closed off trunk but I'm hoping to buy a 2-seat "geezer retirement car" that has closed off trunks when the 2021 models become available. When Jay Leno reviewed the newly redesigned mid-engine 2020 Corvette C8, he recommended putting one's beer only in the front trunk since the radiators are at the sides of the front trunk and the rear trunk is behind the engine. I plan to measure the C8's front trunk at an upcoming auto show to see which one of our Igloo coolers will fit - I plan ahead!
  9. Hi, Looking for the 2018 (supposedly the latest) update for my 2011 Lexus HS250h. Does anyone have any info to help me get this? Thanks
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  11. I would like to get your opinion on more comfortable and cushier ride by changing tire size and rims. I have switched to regular tires (Continental Contact DSW 245/40/18) and still not comfortable enough. I am thinking about buying new rims and tires on my next tire change to the size of 245/60/18. Will this work?
  12. So this started happening on Friday after my classes ended. I was in the lot when right after I turned the key, the ignition was studdering for a sec until the it completely stopped. After that I thought I completely fu@ked up the engine by forgetting to fill up the oil tank. Lucky me it didn’t seized up But I wasn’t out of the water yet. After fill it with oil I thought I was done but instead it didn’t start at all! On top of that a loud and annoying ringing noise started ring and the front dashboard displayed almost every indicator. I tried replacing the battery and charging it, spraying starter fluid, and swapped the ecu. I can’t figure this out! So anyone here have a good idea what it might be?
  13. For 2008 GS350; Where is the control unit for the windshield wipers?
  14. IIRC, the warranty extension on this problem was to 10 years from the car's in-service date but I suggest you take your car to a Lexus dealership and confirm. It doesn't, or at least didn't, matter if you aren't the original owner. 10 years past the in-service date is a common period for a warranty extension like this. A similar 10-year extension was recently announced on several expensive components on one of our Toyotas after a class action lawsuit settlement.
  15. Looking to upgrade the head unit in a the car to a double DIN. Would appreciate some feedback on owners who have upgraded and what brand/model they chose. Would like to add a back-up camera as well. Anyone know of a shop in Western PA, Pittsburgh that has experience working on the SC 430?
  16. It was human error. I cut off old oxygen sensor and replaced with a new one a few years ago. Because the replacement cable was a little longer than it should, I had to use zip tie to keep it out of the way. Recently, when I got it on a lift, the cable got crushed causing shorted.Visual check solves the problem.
  17. The VGRS, VSC Off , VSC Trac lights came on in our 2006 LX470 and our normal mechanic wasn't able to reset them. We took the vehicle to the local Lexus dealer and they diagnosed that the VGRS assembly needs to be replaced, and may have shorted the ECU. Their quote to replace the VGRS actuator assembly and the ECU assembly was $8,163.07, which seems absurd. Here are the dealer notes: "VGRS light is on as well as VSC light - Performed health check - DTC C1567 current in VGRS system (Lock Mechanism Insertion) - Inspected per repair manual - per repair manual replace VGRS actuator for the DTC - also inspected VGRS ECU - DTC will not clear from ECU - swapped ECU into another known good vehicle and tested and DTC is present in other vehicle with this ECU and will not clear - suspect VGRS actuator possibly shorted out ECU as well - recommend replace VGRS actuator assembly and also recommend replace VGRS ECU assembly calibrate system and recheck." Can anyone provide advice on this issue and reasonableness of the repair estimate?
  18. My 1998 GS 400 has a squeal when applying brakes . Been doing that for 3 years without any loss in brake function. What happens when booster fails? Will I be able to stop the car but with more peddle pressure needed or will brakes fail ? I understand that brake master cylinder and booster are all one unit and replacement parts cost $2500 without labor . Getting used to the noise which is not noticeable when temperature is above 75 degrees. Real noisy in Buffalo winters however.
  19. The most immediate code is the P0710 nd this is what I found on that issue.
  20. Buy andriod screen for an ls460 from alibaba. The best solution ever 😉
  21. I have that level of tint on my 2002 ls430. The interior really does look pretty much new. It has 185k but looks like maybe 10k. It's a new car to me but the tint was on it when I bought it and I think it had to help keep it so nice.
  22. Garage door opener on my 2020 RX350 works when car is inside the garage, but doesn't work from outsiide when the door is closed. Portable openers work fine. Opener on my 2013 RX350 worked fine. My guess is that I have a very weak signal, or the antenna is not properly connected.
  23. Looking for parts for is wiring harness
  24. I don't know about your model but inline fuel filter in my car is pretty easy to find and replace. Mine is a 96.
  25. From personal experience with a 2012 IS350, PWR mode increased pedal response, and weights up the steering. I believe It also changes the transmission tuning, although I am not 100% certain. Also yes, I am aware that I am 10 years late.
  26. For do-it-yourselfers on removing the front wheel bearing hub on a LS460; I know removing the hub can be a problem due to the Galvanic corrosion between the two different metals causing them to bond. This making it a grueling task to separate the bearing hub from the spindle knuckle. My question is, has anyone tried to back the bolts that secure the hub to the spindle knuckle about 1/8" (or whatever) and then drive around the block making some nice, tight left hand turns (for right side removal) including traversing some speed bump,to loosen the hub for easier removal? I'm not talking about a three day excursion, I am just suggesting enough travel and stress on the components to jar it loose. Has anyone ever tried this?
  27. please send to me as well, please thanks
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