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Hey guys, I was thinking about buying a Lexus rx300 with 157,000 miles on it. The car is twenty years old but it’s a Lexus. a reliable safe car that’s less than 3500$. Everything on the car has been serviced very recently but a lot of my family members are saying this car is too old and will cost a lot in repairs. Any feedback is much appreciated I just want to know if this car is going to be worth it. I will only be using it for home and school and I’m actually not allowed to get a Camry or an accord only an suv under 5k and I think this is the best one for me. Again, any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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Well, after 20 years the motor and transmission would still be good to go but all of those creature comforts begin to stop working. If you can live without those then yeah it's a good choice. 

Any 20 year vehicle will have the same issue regardless of brand. 

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I've found that the expense most likely to bite an owner of an old but otherwise reliable vehicle is replacement of leaking gaskets. Valve cover gaskets are typically no big deal but others (labor, specifically) can be quite expensive - sometimes more than $1500. So before you buy, have all gaskets checked and if possible, look at all maintenance records. Just because all fluids were recently replaced doesn't necessarily mean that they were historically replaced according to the owner's manual schedule.
There are some 20 year old vehicles on the road their numbers are diminishing rapidly. 

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