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  1. What type of rain window shields do you have on there? OEM or aftermarket? I’ve been looking on and I can’t seem to find any with a lot of reviews.
  2. Yes, what type of hood deflector do you have on there currently?
  3. What kind of shield do you have on the front grille?
  4. Has anyone come across lockers for these vehicles? Also brick wall would you be willing to make another custom bumper same as your that you would sell?
  5. Have you found any snorkels? Or skid plates for your RX? I’m building one and finding a hell of a time finding anything for them or anybody but this forum with them let me know
  6. Hello, I recently bought a Lexus RX330 with AWD and want to know if there is a community around taking these on trails? So far I haven’t come across any and I am interested in finding others who are pioneers in building an off-roading Lexus! I have plans for bigger at least all terrain tires soon and want to know if anyone has done it yet? So far I cannot find any that will fit my current tire size P235 55R18. And when I say off road I don’t mean like a Jeep who climbs mountains I mean simple trails where you can stop, pull off and camp. With some rocky terrain where beefer tires would h
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